Follow up activity by Sof Dagi Genclik ve Spor Kulübü Dernegi from project ”Europe and the Union”

Turkish participants in the project Europe and the Union organized an information day for young people on the European Union-turkey relations and the career development opportunities provided by the EU on August 10, 2021, with a special focus on exchange programs, training courses, and volunteering opportunities.

The activity’s main purpose was to raise young people’s understanding of the European Union, its political system, institutions, ideals, and opportunities. The activity’s major target demographic was were refugees living in Turkey because this situation affects Turkey in many ways, politically, economically, etc.

The event was held online, via Zoom platform, due to Covid pandemic regulations. The presenters gave a brief presentation about the topic and shared their experiences in the first part of the event, and the second part was dedicated to questions and answers, giving participants the opportunity to learn more about the issues they were interested in.

At the conclusion of the event, participants stated that the event raised their awareness of the European Union, EU-Turkey relations, and exchange programs in which they can participate. Some of them stated that they had no prior knowledge of EU-funded projects and expressed their desire to participate in such events and EU-funded projects in the future.

Such educational programs are critical because Turkey has stated that integration into the European Union is one of its top priorities. Turkey must execute various institutional and state-level reforms in order to successfully complete this process; nevertheless, aside from institutional and state-level reforms, there are far too many things that must be done at the individual level to enhance society’s awareness.

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