Follow up online activity by Logos team from project ”Europe and the Union”

In Bulgaria, in the city of Bansko, from 10 to 18 July 2021, there was a meeting of the participants of the Youth Exchange project with the theme: “Europe and The Union”

As a result of this event, on August 14, 2021, an open Google meet webinar was held by the Ukrainian team for everyone. The main objective of the webinar was to familiarize young people with the possibilities of
the Erasmus + program and its directions, as well as information about the European Union, its values and institutions in general, the exchange of personal experience and its participation in the program.
The following speakers spoke at the webinar with the following topics:

  1. Anastasia Mulyar – “Erasmus + and our program”. General concepts, the main components offered by Erasmus programs for all project participants.
  2. Yaroslav Khaliev – “Our activity in the project”. Photos and videos of the participants at the workshop. General impressions of the project also explained the core values, namely Human dignity, freedom, democracy, sustainability, rule of law and human rights
  3. Yaroslava – “European Institutions”. Where she explained what the “European Union” is and gave the main European institutions (European Council, European Commissions, European Parliament, etc.) “
  4. Roman Zubritsky – European Opportunities, European Solidarity Corps. 3 areas: volunteering, internships and work
    Block of answers to questions and comments

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