February 1, 2022

Professional Development Activities

Professional development activities are transnational learning mobility activities supporting the professional development of youth workers. They can take the form of:

– Study visits and different types of assignments, such as job shadowing, youth worker exchanges and peer learning, in youth work organisations and organisations active in the youth field abroad.

– Networking and community building among youth workers taking part in the action and supporting its objectives.

– Training courses supporting the development of competences (e.g. based on relevant existing competence models), to implement quality youth work practices or address and test innovative methods (for instance related to digital and smart youth work).

Seminars and workshops supporting in particular knowledge-building and best practices sharing linked to the objectives, values and priorities of the EU Youth Strategy and of the EU programmes contributing to its implementation.The following activities are not eligible for grants under Mobility projects for Youth Workers: academic study trips; activities that aim to make financial profit; activities that can be considered as tourism; festivals; holiday travel; performance tours, statutory meetings.

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