Project European SOLIDARITY

Alternativi team has implemented a youth exchange in period between 17-25 of May 2021 in Bansko, Bulgaria. The main idea of the project comes from the need of young people from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland and Latvia/

We aimed not only to provide participants with training and skills, but to foster a sense of initiative, a desire for volunteering and active participation in European civil society, an awareness of the meaning of volunteering as a symbol of solidarity, the importance of European values and a sense of belonging to the European family. In this way, we strive for a long lasting effect by applying and multiplying these attitudes, skills and knowledge – to raise awareness among young people about European topics – what is European citizenship, European values, and by sharing the experience of their peers , to embrace European values and ideas, to realize the true meaning of volunteering as a symbol of solidarity and, above all, to feel proud Europeans. Тhe young people became aware of volunteering – its benefits for personal and social and community development, its importance to the community, how volunteering help solving certain social issues, became aware of the volunteering as a core value; the project encourage their volunteer spirit, desire and motivation to be active in the community through volunteering. Realizing the nature of volunteering, accepting it as a value, encouraging the volunteering spirit, desire and motivation to participate in volunteering activities and initiatives is an outcome we expect, not only from the participants themselves, but also for the target groups of the follow-up activities. Following these, we expected an increase in the number of volunteers for our partner organizations at the local level, as well as subsequently those who wish to become part of the ESC.

As otcomes of the project we created:

  1. Final video which you can access belwo:

2. Video experience of participants:

3. Newsletter of the project:

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