YE”Europe is my home 2.0”- 23-30 October 2021- Benicassim, Spain

The Top 10 Things To See and Do in Benicassim, Spain

Dates: 23-30 October 2021

Place: Benicassim, Spain

About the project:

As the name suggests, this project has been conceived as a continuation of the project “Europe is my home”. A very strong and active community was created during the first edition with the participants, who expressed their desire to tackle many topics related with European culture and sociopolitical structure that had to be left out of the exchange due to time limitations. In the wake of the first edition’s success, the great motivation of the participants and the importance of the topics, the participants have decided to prepare a second edition.

The goals of this project match those of its predecessor as it seeks to bolster solidarity and brotherhood among European peoples.


During the project two complementary activities will take place. The first one will be an advance planning visit in which the details concerning the topics and methods will be nailed down and working criteria will be harmonized. Later, a youth exchange will be implemented where 36 participants from six different countries will gather to dicuss topics such as the structure of the EU, Europe’s challenges or its future.

Participant profile: 

-Be 18- 30 years old.

– Be a resident in bulgaria

– Have good English skills.

– Be in possession of an European Health Insurance Card or equivalent.

– Agree to the rules & terms of the project as detailed in the learning contract and sign and send it on time.

Participating countries:

Spain, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Greece

Travel costs:

-Travel costs: The travel from your hometown to Benicàssim and back is covered by the project budget up to a limit. This limit is set by the Erasmus+ Programme rules and calculated using the Erasmus+ Distance Calculator tool. Maximum travel budget for Bulgarian participant is 275 euro:

These are the maximum amounts the project budget will refund you for your displacements from your hometown to Benicàssim and back. If you spend more than the maximum budget, we will not be able to refund you the difference. Please note that there are some important things about the travel budget:

– Only actual costs will be refunded. The project organizers will refund you no greater amount of money than the one you actually spent on the travels. If there is any margin between the costs of your tickets and the maximum travel budget, it will not be refunded.

– We can only reimburse travel costs for which original tickets/ invoices/ boarding passes are provided. We strongly recommend you to keep all the original travel documents with you, since we won’t be able to refund them if we don’t receive them.

– Only public transportation will be refunded. Private cars, taxis and the like will not be refunded.

– Reimbursement will be done after the exchange and will be conditioned to the compliance with the Erasmus+ Programme rules. It means that full engagement in the activities of the exchange is a requisite for the reimbursement.

– You can stay in Spain for up to two extra days before and after the project. In case you want to visit Spain or if the itinerary suits you better this way, you can come up to two days before the beginning of the exchange (October 24th) and/or stay up to two days after its end (October 29th). Accommodation and food will not be provided by the project organizers on those days, but travels will still be reimbursed.


The exchange will be held in the Argentina hostel, located in the middle of Benicàssim. The participants will stay in non-mixed, 2-5 people bedrooms. Among the facilities there are basketball and tennis yards and a swimming pool, in addition to being right next to the beach. Temperatures in October can reach 30º, so you may need your swimsuit!

COVID-19 measures:

Currently, it is possible to travel to Spain from all EU countries provided that the traveler has been fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the trip, has recovered from Covid-19 or has a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before the trip. The costs of the PCR tests cannot be reimbursed. You can check the entry requirements here: During the exchange, we will celebrate outdoors as many activities as possible and ensure proper ventilation whenever we can’t. Thankfully, the weather will likely help with it. The organizers will provide all the necessary sanitation material, such as hand sanitizer and masks.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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