Youth Caravan in Stara Zagora

On 22 September, The Independence Day, in Stara Zagora was held an information campaign to promote opportunities for mobility abroad – training, education, volunteering within the Erasmus + program. Stara Zagora became the one of the 7 cities, part of the campaign of Alternativi International, called Youth Caravan which runs between 18 and 24 September. A team of enthusiastic youth and volunteers from different countries organized a large public event in the center of Stara Zagora with an interesting information stand, lucky cards and a fortune wheel, challenges and gifts, and an interesting flashbob that included local youth. Hundreds of young people were informed about how to participate in international youth exchanges, trainings, internships and other educational opportunities. The day was filled with smiles, surprises, dancing and much useful information!

The Alternativi International team is gratefulfor the cooperation of the Youth Center Stara Zagora and Youth Decelopement Center- Mutual aid. The initiative is part of the “EVS Academy” project, funded by the Erasmus + program, administered in Bulgaria by the Center for Human Resource Development.


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