YE” No Future without past” – 11- 20 May 2024, Alicante, Spain

Dates:11-20 May 2024

Place: Alicante, Spain

About the project:

Today we are witnessing an increase in controversy generated by elements of our past. In a time of accelerated social change like the one we live in, social groups of all kinds reexamine the past to influence the present and build their future. It is a process that calls for questioning traditional conceptions regarding historical figures, events, processes, ideologies and cultural products of all kinds and that is motivated in many cases by the interest of certain social groups in advancing their interests. The ways in which this happens are multiple and varied: through the rescue of previously ignored elements, the incorporation of new points of view, the omission or denial of important aspects, the application of new political, social or economic perspectives, etc. We can see the result in countless examples in our environment: processes of cultural decolonization, incorporation of the gender perspective into historical analysis, review of historical figures associated with the national past, questioning of events such as the Holocaust, etc. The relationship between past and present is reciprocal. Elements from the past condition our present experiences, which in turn influences the way we conceive the past. In the words of anthropologist Aleida Assman; “Through culture, people create a time frame that transcends that of individual life, relating past, present and future. Cultures create a contract between the living, the dead and the unborn. By remembering, iterating, reading By commenting, criticizing and debating what was deposited in the distant or recent past, people participate in extended horizons of meaning production. They do not have to start from scratch because they stand on the shoulders of giants whose knowledge they can use and reinterpret.”

This knowledge provokes numerous attempts to reinterpret, manipulate and patrimonialize elements of our collective memory that, although they may not be more numerous than before, do have a much greater impact due to their dissemination through new channels such as social networks. As the European Union points out in its policy for the prevention of radicalization, the promotion of a manipulated vision of the past is one of the main tools that extremist groups use to radicalize individuals by offering them an idealized version of the past that allows them to justify their methods and objectives while omitting facts or aspects that are unfavorable to them or question their story. Being able to make an autonomous and critical analysis of the past becomes an essential skill to achieve a critical and autonomous citizenship that can detect and resist self-serving revisions of the past.

Participant profile:

Young people interested in learning more about the importance of the past to understand and shape the present and future. In order to be eligible for participation, you must:

– Be at least 18 years old.

– Be a citizen or resident in one of the partner countries (Spain, Italy, Turkiye, Bulgaria, and Latvia, Greece).

– Have good English skills.

– Be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card or equivalent.

Participating countries:

Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Latvia

Accomodation and Transport:

n in Alicante will be provided by the project organizers from May 11th. Dinner will also be provided on that day. You can stay in Spain for up to two extra days before and after the project. In case you want to visit Spain or if the itinerary suits you better this way, you can come up to two days before the beginning of the exchange and/or stay up to two days after its end. Accommodation and food will not be provided by the project organizers on those days, but travel costs will still be reimbursed.

The project will be hosted in the Hostel La Florida, located in one of the main university areas of Alicante. Its address is Av. de Orihuela, 59, 03007 Alacant.


We can only reimburse travel costs for which original tickets/ invoices/ boarding passes are provided. We strongly recommend you to keep all the original travel documents with you, since we will not be able to refund them if we do not receive them. Only public transportation will be refunded. Private cars, taxis and the like will not be refunded.

The maximum budget for participant from Bulgaria is 275 euro.


Reimbursement will be done after the training course and will be conditioned to the compliance with the Erasmus+ Programme rules. It means that full engagement in the activities of the exchange is a requisite for the reimbursemen

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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