TC” Transformative Youth Leadership” – 1- 8 April 2024, Alicante, Spain

Dates: 1-8 April 2024

Place: Alicante, Spain

About the project:

The project is carried out due to the need to promote a healthier and less hierarchical leadership model in the youth environment. Hierarchical tendencies have increased among young people, which can threaten democracy and the values of civic participation and collaboration. According to a report by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the rise of authoritarian and populist leaders around the world is affecting youth, who are attracted to more authoritarian and hierarchical leadership models. It is important for young people to learn and practice more inclusive and less hierarchical leadership to create more just and equitable communities. This type of leadership promotes collaboration and joint decision-making, fostering a democratic culture in which everyone can have a voice and participate on equal terms. In the context of youth work, a more democratic and less hierarchical leadership model can improve communication and cohesion in organizations, leading to greater commitment and satisfaction. On the other hand, hierarchical leadership can generate problems such as demotivation, lack of commitment and a decrease in creativity and innovation in organizations. In addition, it can generate conflicts and reduce the quality of interpersonal relationships.

The project seeks to promote a more participatory and less hierarchical leadership model in the field of youth through the mobility of workers. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from other leaders and workers in different contexts and countries, broadening their perspectives and knowledge about leadership and collaboration. Participants are expected to act as role models for other young people, encouraging more inclusive and open leadership in their organizations and communities. In conclusion, the project seeks to address the urgent need to promote a healthier and less hierarchical leadership model in the youth field as a way to obtain the following results:

– Promote a democratic culture, based on dialogue, tolerance and joint decision-making.

– The opposition to hierarchical tendencies among youth, centered on the figure of the “alpha” and the dichotomy between leaders and followers.

– Greater effectiveness of work in the field of youth, increasing its transformative potential and opening up even more to initiatives and experiences arising from the young people with whom we work.

Participant profile:

Youth workers interested in learning about alternative and empowering leadership.

In order to be eligible for participation, you must:

– Be at least 18 years old.

– Be an active youth worker

– Be a citizen or resident in one of the partner countries (Spain, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia).

– Have good English skills.

– Be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card or equivalent.

Participating countries:

Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Greece

Accomodation and Transport:

in Alicante will be provided by the project organizers from April 1st. Dinner will also be provided on that day. You can stay in Spain for up to two extra days before and after the project. In case you want to visit Spain or if the itinerary suits you better this way, you can come up to two days before the beginning of the training and/or stay up to two days after its end. Accommodation and food will not be provided by the project organizers on those days, but travel costs will still be reimbursed.

The project will be hosted in the Hostel La Florida, located in one of the main university areas of Alicante. Its address is Av. de Orihuela, 59, 03007 Alacant.


We can only reimburse travel costs for which original tickets/ invoices/ boarding passes are provided. We strongly recommend you to keep all the original travel documents with you, since we will not be able to refund them if we do not receive them. Only public transportation will be refunded. Private cars, taxis and the like will not be refunded.

The maximum budget for participant from Bulgaria is 275 euro.


Reimbursement will be done after the training course and will be conditioned to the compliance with the Erasmus+ Programme rules. It means that full engagement in the activities of the exchange is a requisite for the reimbursemen

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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