Dates: 21st – 28 th October 2018

Place: Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain

Project description:

It is a training course to equip participants (youth workers, educators, facilitators, youth leaders, etc.) to develop competences for better inclusion of all young people, to know better young LGBT people in European cultures, to face invisibility of the problem & lack of training to support them, so that we get ready to face discrimination in Erasmus+ projects using NFE. Unfortunately, we and our partners experienced situations where young people don’t feel comfortable or feel offended by others and we didn’t know what to do; a participant said to be afraid of boys roommates; how to talk with/about LGBT without offending or stereotyping; what a queer is?; what to do if in a project gays or lesbians get into trouble because in your country, they are not accepted socially nor legally?

if you ever face one of these situations and you want to share your experiences, to improve your work with young people, to promote inclusion and learn new methods using non formal education, join GET READY TO INCLUDE LGBTQIA+!!

The main goal of the training course GET READY TO INCLUDE LGBT+ is to develop the competencies of participants (and organizations) to improve inclusion of LGBT youth in Erasmus+ projects and in society.

Competences will be developed to empower LGBT people and to raise tolerance, empathy and acceptance of the mainstream groups, through deeper knowledge of sexual diversity, cultural diversity, equality, discrimination, and by using methods of non-formal education to fight discrimination caused by sexual orientation.

Firstly, we will create a supportive learning environment, establishing respectful coexistence rules to create a safe/learning environment.

Secondly, we will work to create one team. Third, work the topic of the project: inclusion, cultural diversity and youth work. Various methods of non-formal education will be used to provide knowledge, awareness and tools to work for inclusion with the heterosexual majority and the LGBT minority through workshops, group dynamics, role plays, case studies, guest real stories, tests, cinema forum. Including local population in 5 activities: human library, street art, reception in the town hall, intercultural night, Youthpass delivery. In addition, participants will learn in a practical way 4 NFE methods during the course. Participants will be involved in all phases of the project with support of partners, including visibility and DEOR activities. We will use different methods to evaluate the project in each phase, formal methods like questionnaires, analysis meetings, reports; Daily sessions for learning reflection with different non-formal education methods; a personal diary (digital or paper) will be provided; non-formal education methods such as World Cafes to share information and learn from each other about competencies, Erasmus + and Youthpass.

The most anticipated outcome of the short- term training course is mainly to raise awareness among youth workers and therefore their environments about sexual diversity, improving their professional skills to work effectively with minorities and majorities at local and European level in multicultural groups, providing methods of non-formal education for the inclusion of all young people; broadening the knowledge of European cultures, esp. on social, labour, educational and political discrimination.

We also hope that this project will serve to create synergy against homophobia with LGBT, youth centres and local authorities; banishing the idea that fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation is only a matter for LGBT groups. The creation of inclusion products (digital guide and Facebook page) will increase the awareness and training of other people, organizations and institutions throughout Europe.

Short-term, we expect to increase the number of projects on inclusion, on LGBT; number of young people with fewer opportunities participating in Erasmus+, especially LGBT with greater guarantees of inclusion, in the short-medium term. In conclusion, in long term, the benefit of the training course GET READY TO INCLUDE LGBT+ will be to live in a Europe that is more peaceful, more equal, fairer and respectful towards diversity.


Learning goals: 

1. Get Information about topic concepts (sexual orientation, sexual identity, discrimination, equality/equity, etc.)

2. Methods to fight discrimination & promote equality (how to prevent conflicts and how to solve them once it happens)

3. Ways to approach LGBT people (a minority) & work with a majority (heterosexuals)

4. Know degree of cultural acceptance

5. Ways to work with multicultural & sexual diversity groups.

6. Put into practice some NFE methods during the TC (called Group Activities)


Partners: Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, FYROM, Turkey, Italy, France, Armenia & Spain.


We will reimburse your travel costs from home to project venue on the basis of the cheapest possible itinerary supplying your original travel bills, that you have to email before arrive to Spain. The maximum reimbursement for participant from Bulgaria is 360 euros.



Hotel Maciá Doñana **** Address is; Calle (Street) Orfeón Sta. Cecilia, s/n, 11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz)

Fee:  there is 50 euro participation fee that needs to be paid to organizers

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 28 September 2018

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