Training for quality project management as part of KA2 EuroImpact Plus

Alternativi International hosted an international training course for youth workers and project managers from 12 until 18 of September 2018 in Bansko, Bulgaria. The training was part of the long term project EuroImpact Plus-a KA2 project, financed by Erasmus plus program trough the UK National Agency.

EuroIMPACT Plus is a 20-month project involving four organisations which intends to empower youth workers to develop exceptional project management skills.

The aims of this project are:

  1. To empower youth workers and volunteers to explore the potential of project management methodology for youth projects.
  2. Create learning material as an open educational resource.
  3. Foster an inclusive education among youth for both formal and non-formal learning.
  4. To produce innovative project management methodologies suitable for the needs of any organisation working with youth.

The main aim of the trainig course was to equip youth workers with the needed knowledge, skills and competences on quality project management.

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