YE”Standing up to oppose escalation of radicalization among youngsters “- Turkey

Title: Standing up to oppose escalation of radicalization among youngsters 

 Dates: 15– 23 February 2017

Place:  Yalova, Turkey

Project description:

Overall goal of the Youth Exchange ‘Standing up to oppose escalation of radicalization among youngsters’ is to
develop capacities of youth organizations to prevent radicalization of youth by delivering quality youth activities and raising awareness on the issue of youth radicalism. This project will be realized in Yalova, Turkey with participants coming from Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Italy and Greece.

Project objectives:
1.To strength the competencies of CSOs representatives and capacities of their organizations to address youth
radicalism through activities targeting young people and to engage young people in awareness raising activities on
youth radicalism;
2. To increase awareness of communities of partner organizations on youth radicalization through visibility and
dissemination activities, training and debate;
3. To support creating links, networks among involved CSOs, CSOs coming from the countries of partner’s
organizations, institutions and individuals (youth workers, youth leaders, trainings) interested in youth radicalization.
The elements of innovation were included into the project on recommendations of group leaders involved in drafting the agenda of Youth Exchange because priority of Erasmus + for 2017 emphasis will be put on preventing violent radicalization of young people. It focused on the issue how to prevent and counter youth radicalization through innovative local and technological solutions.



YALOVA ÖĞRETMENEVİ ve OTELİ is located in the city center, 5 km to the intercity bus terminal, 4 km to IDO skyscraper, 100 m to the seaside, close to the beaches, sea view, plane and pine trees in a decent and quiet environment.

Every room is with double bed, Wi-Fi, minibar, TV, air condition, 3 meals will be prepared on their own restaurant.

Profile of participants:

The target group of youth exchange will be 5 young people in age 18 to 25 + 1 leader(no age limit) . The decision will be based on their motivation, previous experiences and their possibilities to take part in dissemination of activities

– With communicative level of English, able to express themselves and contribute to the discussions

– Participating for the first time in one Youth Exchange

– Strongly interested in the issues tackle by youth exchange


Accommodation and food will be covered for the duration of the youth exchange as well as up to 180 Euro reimbursement for the travel costs per each participant.

Contribution fee:

Fee of 30 euro will be collected from each participant during the project implementation. This way we will ensure the participants have a stake in the project. A modest contribution from participants to the overall costs of a project helps to create a sense of investment and ownership as well as participants tend to value what they receive more when they have contributed to it.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in you can fill the from here :

 Deadline: 8 January 2017

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