TC “ART4HRE” – Georgia

Title: ART4HRE

 Dates: 18-24 February 2018

Place:  Rustavi, Georgia

Project description:

Artistic expression and integrating arts is a phenomenal vehicle for HRE. The ARTS bring human rights down from the HEAD and into the HEART – that is what makes youth particularly be able to embrace what human rights are about – not just through the head, but through the heart – through arts, through creative expression.


Aim is to train the youth workers as trainers for human rights education who use creative expression, arts, non-formal education and informal learning as a tool to empower youth and embrace them to human rights to transform the society.

Project objectives:

– To equip youth workers with knowledge in human rights and democratic citizenship;
– To develop critical human rights consciousness;
– To give training competencies to the youth workers;
– To develop new bottom-up approaches in HRE/EDC;
– To identify effective methods to increase youth participation and enchant young people with human rights;
– To strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in youth and empower them to become active democratic citizens who stand up for human rights;
– To further the activities of partner organizations aimed at the creation of a culture of peace, based upon universal values of human rights, international understanding.


The first part will be hosted in the City RUSTAVI is very close to the capital – Tbilisi, there are “Marshutkas” every minute going to Tbilisi taking you there in 30-40 minutes. The city itself is quite old – first gets mentioned in 5-4 centuries B.C. but as many settlements in Caucasus, it got destroyed in 13th Century. When Soviets took over, they re-built the city again but in their style – economic and not so ergonomic matchbox- shaped buildings all around. They built this city so that it could accommodate workers who were working at Rustavi Metallurgic Factory. After USSR fell, the factory, like almost all the industries in Georgia, stopped, so the city quickly went to poverty.

We will be accommodated in ISCR – International Scout Center Rustavi, which is on the margin of the town surrounded by a nice yard and easily connected to the capital. The lodging is more dormitory style, we will have a conference room to work together and other spaces to socialise. You can see more here: Bring towels and personal hygienic utilities. The meals and accommodation is covered by the Erasmus+ programme.

Profile of participants:


Youth workers with a certain level of experience in the youth field, either as professional project managers, coordinators, trainers or as volunteers and with a strong interest in the topic of Human Rights Education and in an integration of arts in their practice.

The participants have to be:

– Youth workers who have experience in international and/or local projects with a strong intercultural and inter religious dimensions;

– Active members of a youth NGO, with a preference for the ones working with the identifed target group;

– Demonstrate a will to develop their own local and international projects and build a solid network of ambassadors of peace and inclusion of minorities;

– Motivated to become a Human Rights Educator, Trainer, and Activist and to work with advocacy and promotional activities after the training;

– Fluent in English (main language of the project);


All costs related to accommodation and food are covered by Erasmus plus program. There is a travel limit -275 euro for return ticket.

Participation fee:

There is a participation fee of 20 euro.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in you can fill the from here :

 Deadline: 12 January 2018

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