YE “Intercultural Diversity for a Europe in Action”-Montecatini, Italy

Title: Intercultural Diversity for a Europe in Action

 Dates: 06 – 12 November 2017

 Aim :

IDEA! Intercultural Diversity for a Europe in Action is a youth exchange that will gather 49 participants. 6 participants and one group leader per each group, coming from different European countries, will be involved. In nowadays Europe society is clear that is often difficult to find common ground and accept people that are different. That happened a lot before, but nowadays is definitely relevant. These differences, might provoke misunderstandings, issues and even conflicts. But the biggest challenge now is how to keep the peace and to promote stability in Europe. Intercultural learning can be one tool in our efforts to understand the complexity of today’s world, by understanding others and ourselves a bit better. From 06 to 12 November 2017, during 7 days, youngsters and youth leaders from 7 different countries will be working in Montecatini. The result of the exchange will be a small graphic book about topics connected with intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The youth exchange is designed to focus on different intercultural issues, to provide participants with the opportunity to explore, connect, engage and pave the way forward for a sustainable world. The programme is built up according to the needs and expectations of partner organisations and the main organisational aim is to use the methods, tools, techniques, and strategies in their country and foster the outcomes into European level.



All the Youth Exange activities will be done through the methods of non-formal education. The activities will be for example brain storming’s, plenary discussions, simulations, role plays, team building, energizers, ice breakers and many others. Non formal education is voluntary, no hierarchical and all its methods are based on the concept of learning by doing.


Participants profile:

Aged between 18 and 25 (if needed max 30 years old)
– Strong motivation and determination to meet the project’s main goal
– Creative and innovative thinking
– Be fewer opportunities.At least 50% of the participants must be fewer opportunities (due to social and cultural obstacles, economic obstacles, geographical obstacles or educational obstacles)

Number of participants from Bulgaria: 7 people

Participating countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Czech republic


The project will be Hotel Salus in Montecatini

Here the link of the hotel will host the participants in the heart of Montecatini:

-You’ll be accommodated in double or triple room;
-Hotel provide towels and all foods;
-In rooms you will be divided by gender;
-Hotel have Wi-Fi plus in the area are many bars, café and restaurants with free Wi-Fi.

Financial conditions: 

Each organization will receive 80% of its reimbursement straight after the exchange only when the following tasks are accomplished:
• Presentation of travel documents (boarding passes, invoices and tickets).
• Filling of the official mobility tool report filled by the group leader.
The rest of 20% it will be refunded only when the Italian National Agency will provide the 20% of the funds after the presentation of the final report of the project.

Participation fee: Each participants will have to make own contribution of 25 euros

If you are interested in and would like to take part in you can fill the from here :

 Deadline: 15 October 2017

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