Strategic partnership “EUROIMPACT PLUS”

On 13 of September 2017 the Vice-chairperson of Association ,,Alternativi International” (Georgi Kuzmanov) attended Kick off meeting in UK for launching the project “EUROIMPACT PLUS”. The project focus on promoting high-quality youth work aiming to provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge and Project Management (PM) tools to prove the benefits of PM methodology and depict situation of the awareness and usage of different PM methodologies and tools in non-profit sector. The project aims to create innovative resources for youth work and equip youth workers with the necessary skills to manage a project in the most efficient way.
EUROIMPACT  PLUS supports the introduction of specialized training and e-learning courses for all organizations staff, as well as partners operating with project-based funding. Indeed, almost all non-profits do not want to invest to get their staff acquiring PM skills, nevertheless the return on investment of educating them on some basic project management skills can be high. Thus, we tailored such project in order to offer an innovative online and offline project management training that could fit non-profit organizations needs and can empower youth workers with new knowledge, tools and processes to help them make the right decisions which deliver mission critical projects on time and within budget.

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