Emine’s experience in Germany

Hi, im Emine from Bulgaria. I participated in a project in Berlin from 14-20 March 2022.

As my first project I really liked the experience. The topic was “Post Truth” and it was so interesting for me. I liked how the seminars were structured. The way that they were teaching us was so interesting and I was focused all the time. I learnt that I should double check everything that I see on social media. Not everything that is posted is true, before I wasn’t really thinking about it. I opened my eyes for a lot of things during the project. Young people, especially the teenagers should be really careful with social media. Social media can be very cruel sometimes. Fake news are posted everywhere and it’s really hard to understand what’s fake and what’s true. Everyone should double check the information.

For me, I definitely check the information in 2-3 different sites so I can be sure if the information is actually true.

I would definitely go to another Erasmus project it was a great experience. 

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