February 7, 2017

EVS Abroad

Alternativi International has sent more than 40 young Bulgrians to different project all over Europe.  If you are from Bulgaria, between 18 and 30 years old, motivated to do voluntary work, eager to learn about new cultures and ready to have the best experience in your life-Contact us! We will guide you to the whole process before, during and after the EVS journey! We have partners all over Europe and we will assist you to find the best project for you!


If you  got inspired and want to Experience EVS,  let us be your Sending organization and help you have the greatest EVS project! Send us email with your CV to alternativi.international@gmail.com  and we will help you find the best project for you !



  • Send us your CV in ENGLISH
  • Think about:
    • how much time you want to spend abroad
    • in what field you want to be involved
    • what countries you would like to volunteer in
    • your motivation to become EVS volunteer
  • Follow the link and Fill out the questionnaire
  • Be patient-to find out the best project sometimes takes more time


The info kit contains information intended for the volunteer before going on his or her EVS! It is the responsibility of the coordinating organisation of an EVS project to make the Info Kit known to the volunteer(s)

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