Gabriela’s experience in Germany

Hello everyone,

In the period of 13- 21 March 2022 Copernicus Berlin e.V. has implemented the project “Post-truth” which involved overall of 32 young workers from Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Belgium and Romania.  The project was financed by Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.

The main focus of this training course was on the term fake news and its usage. I find it really valuable because our facilitators helped me to become more aware of how critical thinking works when it comes to fake news. And I have learnt different strategies on how to spot them.
The training course itself was based on a non-formal learning methodology such as ice-breakers, energizers, reflection groups, debates, case study, video making ect.

I want to mention about my personal development that I improved a lot just for one week. It is incredible how such training courses as this one help a young person to become more compassionate, tolerant, self-aware and understanding when meeting people from various backgrounds, people who are totally different from one other.

Last but not the least, I want to thank Alternativi International (Bulgaria) for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing training course because it changed my life in the most positive way it could have happened.

Thank you all of you !

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