TC” CULT-R-URAL YOUTH WORK” – 10- 17 June 2024 Morfasso, Italy

Dates: 10- 17 June 2024

Place: Morfasso, Italy

About the project:

The project cult-R-ural youth work was designed to exchanging and sharing good practices aimed at re-qualifying and attracting young people in RURAL/MOUNTAIN areas through art, creativity and cultural activities, enhancing the competences of youth workers involved and the capacity of the organisations in designing and implementing impactful actions and projects in their territories.

The project is highly inspired by the results of the Sixth Round of EU Youth Dialogue, entitled ”Youth in Europe” and by some of the objectives of the 11 ”European Youth Goals”. In particular, the project aims to contribute to the following objectives: 6. Support for young people in rural areas; 11. Youth organisations and European programmes. To achieve these objectives, we need to unite art, culture and artistic activities with youth work and young people from rural areas.

Participant profile:

Youth Workers interested in the organisations in designing and implementing impactful actions and projects in their territories .

-Be preferably 25-35

-Have residency in one of the partner countries (Bulgaria)

– Be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card or equivalent

– At least per each organisation, 1 participant with fewer opportunities (Social obstacles, Economic obstacles, Cultural differences, Geographical obstacles, Migrant background obstacle)

-Agree to the rules & terms of the project;

Participating countries:

Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Poland, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal , Estonia

Accomodation and Transport:

The participants will be accommodated in : Val d’Arda (PC). Località Rabbini di Morfasso 8

The mobility will be held in Morfasso hostel, located in Val d’Arda (PC), address: Località Rabbini di Morfasso 8 . A structure on three floors, with a large covered porch that follows the perimeter on three sides, perfect for outdoor activities. A gently sloping lawn surrounds the Hostel on four sides. On the ground floor, a large common room, with a reading and relax corner, perfect as a space for work and activities, is preceded by a welcoming entrance hall with reception and a small office.

On the hall, illuminated by large windows overlooking the garden and the surrounding valley, there are two bedrooms, and a shared bathroom for people with disabilities. The common services include another bathroom adjacent to the reception. Adjacent to the main room there is a professional kitchen.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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