TC”Human Rights- Human compass !” -`08- 16 May 2023, Turku, Finland

Turku Business Region | Turku Business Region

Dates: 8- 16 May 2023

Place: Turku, Finland

The project is two mobility training that will be implemented in Turku, Finland between 8-16 May 2023 and 13-21 November 2023 in Bansko, Bulgaria)

About the project:

The idea of the project is targeted to youth workers and youth leaders in order to allow them to develop the needed competencies to combat hate speech and to master the use of the Human Rights Education manual “Compass”, developed by the Council of Europe. The aim is to give a more concrete execution to the concept of human rights education (HRE), which while highly popularized after the 90s, is often still lacking a satisfactory translation into national policies. The involved organizations also want to contribute directly to the mainstreaming of human rights education and its principles, as indicated by the UNDHRE “education about human rights, through human rights, for human rights”. These two pivotal moments have to be contextualized also in a historical period where local youth is increasingly showing interest in the theme of human rights and ask to be educated on it, in order to receive an answer about their questions on inequality, discrimination, and how to react to these modern challenges. The decision to focus specifically on the issue of hate speech surged from the need to face this phenomenon. All participating countries witnessed in recent years, especially after the war in Ukraine, an exponential increase in the use of hate speech within the public sphere and the public, with extreme peaks reached during electoral times. This factor is yet another explicative element of the alt-right drift many European and non-European countries are experiencing. For this reason, we developed the “Human Right- Human Compass!” project, as it appears necessary to prepare youth workers and youth leaders accordingly and to equip them with the right tools to combat hate speech and to allow them to be prepared when facing hate speech and to create a safe and tolerant environment during their activities with youngsters. Youth workers and youth leaders have a crucial role in youth education, and they can function as a buffer between school and family. Moreover, thanks to the skills acquired during this training experience, youth workers and youth leaders will become ambassadors of European principles and values and will inspire youngsters to respect and actively protect the democratic life and the rule of law. They will also become more confident in their skills and will have the opportunity to share their best practices in an international environment, having also the chance to cooperate and come into contact with non-European peers

Project objectives:

-Increasing the competencies of youth leaders, youth workers and educators in the field of anti-hate speech activism and Human Rights Education

-Assuring a long term, sustainable increase in quality of partner organisations’ work with combating inequality, cyberbullying, and other human rights issues

-Supporting EU external action – in this case in Eastern Partnership, very topical issue in view of recent developments war in Ukraine.

-Mainstreaming anti-hate speech and HRE methods in youth work and developing future HRE-related projects in partner countries

-Increasing the international dimension of youth work, notably with reference to human rights education and youth participation

-Developing effective strategies to combat hate speech, fake news and cyberbullying

Participant profile:

-Participants should have at least good command of verbal & written English and be available for the whole project time (preparation, main activity, material development, dissemination, evaluation).

-Participants of the training course are youth leaders who have experience in NFE and HRE have a will to use innovative tools in own international or/and local projects.

Selected participants are expected to attend all 2 activities in order to achieve the high quality result and solid learning experience. ( First mobility in Finland in May 2023, second in Bulgaria in November 2023)

-We would like to involve youth workers, youth leaders or educators who already have certain experience with youth work and furthermore, who have experience in working with young people with fewer opportunities, empowering them and advocating for their rights. Their needs lay in development of their competences, to be able to create and implement the interactive educational activities.

-Participants are also required to have at least basic knowledge/understanding of the topic. (human rights education)

Participating countries:

Luxembourg, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece

Accomodation and food:

You will be accommodated in a camping area, which is 28 kilometres from the city centre. You will be living in shared rooms with three other participants of same sex. Each rooms has a separate bathroom. Bed linen will be provided but bring your own towel. Please, note that there are no shops close to the training venue.

Travel, Insurance and Finances:

-Board, lodging and programme costs will be provided and paid by grant from the Finnish National Agency

-Insurance will not be covered from Programme cost, what means that you are obliged to take care of PERSONAL travel and health insurance on your own.

-Organizers cannot be taken responsible for problems during your travelling or because of personal irresponsible behavior.

Maximum travel costs per participant from Bulgaria will be 340 euro.

Contribution fee:

There is no contribution fee for the project

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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