YE”Music Unites Us” -1- 8 March 2023, Malaga, Spain

Dates: 1-8 March 2023

Place: Malaga, Spain

About the project:

It is a project focused with the main objective of raising awareness among young people about the importance of social inclusion through music. Intolerance can be fostered in many ways, one of them, as a consequence of extreme ideologies, where it is more than used the well-known hate speeches, fostering xenophobia and racism. All this generation of intolerance that leads to the existence of unjust situations in our societies. This intolerance can occur in different areas such as religion, culture, minority groups, race, etc. With this project we want to motivate participants to act, to fight against this intolerance, and to help create fair and equal societies for all people. To reach this main goal, a youth exchange will take place, as the main activity of this project, where we will work on a series of themes through music and performance, closely related to social inclusion. The topics are the following:


-Hate speech

-Xenophobia and racism

-Social inclusion

-Human Rights

-Gender equality

In addition, we will not only work on the previously mentioned topics. An important part of the youth exchange will be based on improving the empathy skills of the participants, as well as their ability to express themselves, working on different aspects such as self-esteem and confidence. Taking into account all of the above, we present below the objectives of the youth exchange:

-To explore together with the participants the origins, causes and consequences of extreme ideologies, such as racism and xenophobia among others.

-To increase participants’ awareness of the importance of fighting against the consequences of social differences.

-To provide participants with the knowledge and tools to learn how to identify situations of inequality.

-To explore with the participants their musical and performance skills using them as a means of expression against intolerance.

-To increase participants’ awareness of the importance of social inclusion in our societies, fostering their empathy, equity and inclusion against hate speech.

-To increase participants’ awareness of the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in addition to exploring in depth its origins.

Participant profile:

Number of participants per country: 4 participants between 18 and 30 years old + 1 group leader from 18 years old with no age limit

Selection criteria :

-Candidates are interested in project topic

-Can communicate in English

-Most likely newcomers in Erasmus+ projects

Participating countries:

Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania

Accomodation and food:

Hotel » Parasol Garden «, Address P.º del Colorado, 42, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga

Hotel: Parasol Garden Address: P.º del Colorado, 42, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga Participants will share gender separate rooms. Each room of the venue has separate beds, bathroom. We will be provided with 3 times meals, with special options for vegetarians, vegans, etc. (free buffet) and coffee break per day The venue provides bedsheets, towels and free WIFI

Contribution fee:

There is no contribution fee for the project

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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