Follow up activity by DRONI team from project ”Europe and the Union”

On the 6th of August, 2021 Georgian participants of the project Europe and the Union organized an info day for young people about European Union- Georgia`s relations and the career development opportunities EU provides, in this regard, a special focus was on exchange programs, training courses and volunteering opportunities.

 Main goal of the activity was to increase the awareness of youngsters about the European Union, It`s political system, institutions, values and opportunities it provides.  The main target group of the activity were young people living in Marneuli and Gardabani regions. This target group was selected, because these regions are inhabited by Azerbaijanian minorities, who in many cases do not get proper information, so they activity aimed to fill this gap and equip the youngsters with the relevant information.

Because of Covid pandemic regulations, the event was held online, via using zoom platform, at the first part of the event, the presenters made a short presentation about the topic, shared their experience and the second part was dedicated to  questions and answers and the participants had an opportunity to get additional information about the issues they were interested in.

At the end of the event the participants mentioned, that the event increased their awareness regarding European Union, EU Georgia relations and exchange programs they can participate, some of them  mentioned, that they had no information regarding EU funded projects before and expressed their interest to participate in such kind of events and EU funded projects  in the future.

Such kind information campaigns are very important because integration in the European Union is one of the declared priorities of Georgia.  Georgia has to implement several reforms at institutional and state level in order to successfully follow this process, but beside the institutional and state level, too many things have to be done at individual level in order to raise the awareness of society about the European Union, it`s values, institutions, political system and EU-Georgia`s relations.  When we are talking about the raising awareness young people have to be main focus and together with above mentioned topics, information about the career development opportunities the EU provides is also very important to be delivered to them.   

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