Short term EVS in MURTER

Project name: Dry Stone Wall Evtravaganza

Duration: 17/09/2018-17/10/2018

Place: Murter, Croatia

Number of volunteers: 4


For 1 month your home town will be Murter island. You will be working on archaeological site Colentum and in our NGOs Office, both of which are situated in Murter as well as your house and in the walking distance no more than 10 min.

Profile of participants:

  • Age limit ( 18- 30 years old)
  • Have never participated in EVS project before
  • Motivated and be ready to voluneer


Arrival: All participants should arrive at the venue on 15th (afternoon) and 16th of September. On 17th of September (Monday) at 9.00 in the morning, we will start with our activities, so ALL participants should be in Murter latest 16th of September evening.

Departure: The official closing will take place on 13th of October at 14:00. All participants will be free to stay in accommodation until 17th of October (morning) or use those free days for their vacation (weekend +2 free days). We would like to remind you that all participants are obliged to take part in the whole duration on of the Service.

Food and pocket money:

We will give you food money each week for previous week, starting with 21st of
September. You will cook for yourselves; as the house where you will be living has 3 kitchens.

We will give you the whole amount of pocket money in HRK on the 17 th of September (Monday). This should be sufficient for you to live on (so there is no need for you to change large amounts of money in HRK before coming

Travel reimbursement:

The participant will get reimbursement up to 275 euros for return ticket based on the actual travel costs.


– To participate in European Language day celebration in local community;
– To update Facebook web page about EVS experience, volunteers will get guide lines from hosting team on
how to run a blog and they will explain how page will help not only visitbility od the project but also their
learning eyperience; page will have to be update daily from the beginning till the end of the project;
– To help in organizing local community events (voluntary actions) every Friday volunteers will help
Argonauta employees to distribute flyers and posters, in a city centre, to locals on Fridays prior to
Saturdays voluntary actions on Colentum;
– To organize and participate in Puppet show that will be made on the theme of Colentum;
– To present its country (values, tradition, …) by holding presentations about their countries. Participants
should work in national teams in order to create presentation of their country to other participants;
– To make connections with other EU and neighbouring countries EVS accredited organizations, throughout
all planed activities will encourage participants to work in teams consisted of all partner countries so they
will have plenty of time to know each other and to exchange contacts and experiences;
– To promote project`s profile at social networks- this would happen because of importance of the social
network in everyday life, only difference is that hosting team will explain how social networks can be used
for promoting so their posts will become an important factor in a visibility of the project.


Note: all costs related to accommodation and activities will be covered by the receiving organization in Croatia.


If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please send your CV and Motivation letter to

Deadline: 05 Jun 2018

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