Erasmus+, mobility and career opportunities presented to young people in Razlog

On 10th of March in Razlog we organized an event to promote different opportunities for self development, mobility and education to local young people from Razlog area. The meeting was organized in the framework of Inclusion Labs project, financed by Erasmus+ program, that Alternativi International is part in. As part of the project, each partner is establishing so called Inclusion labs on local level to help young people, specially those with migrant origin combat youth unemployment, get skills and competences and empower them trough non formal education. During the event, the youngsters have prepared an interactive presentation and provided knowledge  of Erasmus+, European solidarity Corps, Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, volunteering and internships positions and useful platforms where youth can get access to quality youth information. The meeting was also focused on quality youth information and how to guarantee access for young people, especially those with fewer opportunities and from rural areas. The Inclusion Labs project is financed by Erasmus+ project,trough Finish National Agency.

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