TC ”Sail with Social EntrepreneurSHIP” – 04-10 April 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece

Dates: 04-10 April 2022

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

About the project:

Sail with Social EntrepreneurSHIP” (SSESHIP) is a unique initiative of Infinity Greece Social Cooperative and partner organisations. Social entrepreneurship (S.E.) is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. A social entrepreneur is a person who pursues novel applications that have the potential to solve community- based problems. These individuals are willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives.

The project aims at supporting participants by reinforcing their managerial skills, creativity and networking opportunities and making them gain a better understanding of the value-creation dimension of social enterprises in relations with the values of youth work. The planned activities and working methods have been selected based to the principles of non formal learning. Therefore they are highly participative, cooperative and self reflective. Several learning opportunities have been predicted and designed and surely incalculable others will occur through interaction, co-existence and cooperation.

“Sail” will provide introduction of key actors on the way of success, with 3 elements, how to produce long-live idea, how to conduct research about it and how to use networking for its successful implementation.

Aims and objectives:

“Sail with Social EntrepreneurSHIP” aims to create awareness about social economy, to clarify and promote the concept of social entrepreneurship, deepen participants understanding of how it can foster social inclusion, through social innovation and non-formal learning as a way to encourage and enable young people to develop their entrepreneurial life skills.

-To get participants familiar with the concept of social entrepreneurship.

-To develop the essential entrepreneurial skills and competencies of participants based on EntreComp study framework and the 21st century skills.

-To provide participants with the opportunity to exchange experience and expertise.

-To equip youth work practitioners with a set of creative tools and methods related to the development of entrepreneurial attitude of young people.

-To enhance the capacity building in youth organizations

-To explore practical ways of using social entrepreneurship in order to reach young people with fewer opportunities, promoting fundamental values of our society

-To enable participants to create and conduct international projects in their home country and to motivate them in order to undertake and utilise social entrepreneurship as a force for social change.


The whole Training Course will be based on the principles of non- formal learning. Social innovation and non-formal learning as a way to encourage and enable young people to develop their entrepreneurial life skills such as cooperation, risk taking, sense of initiative, leadership, communication, teamwork, creative thinking and innovation for idea generation and problem solving.

Methods used will be: Team buildings (games related to cooperation in groups), Multimedia Presentations, Roleplay games, Simulation games, Learning Diary (Personal and Group Reflection exercises), Open space techniques, Outdoor activities, Team/Group work (Management & Development, to develop projects among the partners), YouthPass Session (Final Evaluation, conclusion of the Learning Diary and according to it filling in the YouthPass), Interactive workshops, self- organized activities.

Participant profile:

The project is aimed at youth workers, mentors, coaches (particularly at the entry levels), group leaders, representatives of informal youth groups and anyone who finds themselves in position of working with young people on the daily basis. Each partner is asked to sent 2 participants, please check the table below for more info.

●have adique interest on social entrepreneurship and social well being
● have some experience with Erasmus+ projects as participants, organisers, project managers or are active youth workers on local / international level
● be able to work and communicate in English
● are over 18 years old
● be connected or associated with the partner organisation

Participating countries:

Greece, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia, Latvia

Covid measures:

Selected participants MUST have a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate! Please mind getting informed about all the covid-19 travel restrictions that may affect your participation. Note that costs related to covid tests are NOT covered by the organizers or the erasmus+ fund. You may find accurate information by visiting the official website of “world health organization” and the official tool of European Union about travelling restrictions around EU. For issues related to erasmus+ projects do not hesitate to contact your NA or the organisers of this Seminar.


The seminar will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece at PHILIPPION hotel. All participants will be accommodated at the hotel. ndex.php Participants will stay in rooms of 3 participants from different countries but same gender. Workshops will take place at the accomodation facilities. Meals will be served at the hotel restaurant.

Contribution :

A participation fee of 30euro has been set per participant, paid on spot at arrival

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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