KFC – 6-th meeting

It is time to share about the 6-th meeting organised by organised in Bulgaria by Alternativi International. In the framework of the KA 2 project Knowledge For Career, co-funded by Erasmus + program. 

CV as presenting tool

This time the topic was “Job interview and application process”. The beginning was a little bit unusual – the students had the chance to learn basic information about the topic by playing Kahoot. With the help of our lector they went deeper in the topic and gained useful information about writing a CV, behaviour during a job interview, how to make their CV more attractive etc.Additionally they compared two CVs and learnt when is more appropriate to use Europass and how to use different software for creating more creative and artistic CV. If you are curious to find out more about the project and the activities, follow us on all our social media profiles to be always updated.

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