YE”EUROPE AND THE UNION”- 4-12 June 2021, Bansko, Bulgaria


Dates: 4-12 June 2021

Place: Bansko, Bulgaria 

Project description:

The project “Europe and the Union” aims to explain the concept of Europe and the political system of the European Union to young people who are coming from different angles of Europe. It will connect youngsters, exchange perspectives and discuss current challenges and approaches of peaceful conflict resolution. Young people should be aware of the institutional system of the EU and the opportunities they have as European citizens. The background is that a lack of knowledge about the history and the path of European integration might lead to EU scepticism and proneness to Populism and Fake News. Both phenomena are endangering a democratic society and the idea of European cooperation. We believe that it’s necessary to educate the young generation – especially those with fewer opportunities to learn and to travel – about Europe and the European Union. We want to follow the following questions: What is Europe? What is the EU? – How does the EU work? – What is the historical development? – How can I benefit from the EU? – Which current challenges do we identify in Europe? – How can we solve common problems?

We expect that the participants will acquire deep and comprehensive knowledge about Europe and the European Union (European Integration process; political system of the EU; External Relations and Foreign Policy; Erasmus+ Opportunities; History, Culture and Geography of the participating countries). This project will contribute to the development of Key Competences such as different aspects of Media Literacy, Foreign Language Skills, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, Organising Skills and International Teamwork. The participants will have a better understanding of current challenges such as the fate of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Populism and Fake News and will be provided with a Toolbox of how to detect and debunk Fake News.

Main objectives of the project:

-knowledge about the background and history of European integration, the EU and how it works

– raising awareness about populism and fake news and show methods how to detect them

– identifying current challenges and how we can meet them

– creating learning material about the EU and Europe by and for young people

– showing up ways for civil activism

– promoting active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, solidarity and peaceful conflict resolution

– knowledge about Erasmus+ and developing a European networking process We also want to come up with ideas and plans how creative solutions for current problems in their communities can be implemented in the follow-up phase.

Participant profile: 

  • Young people at age  18 – 30
  • Interested in the project topic
  • All participants must be currently residing in the country they will represent and be able to prove it if needed with documents

Partner countries: 

Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkey and Latvia

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 30 April 2021

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