Erasmus + Accreditation learning outcomes for year of 2022

Young individuals actively engaging in the transformative sessions in Bansko.

In November 2022 and May 2023 Bansko, Bulgaria played host to two pivotal projects orchestrated by Alternativi International: a Youth Exchange Program focusing on entrepreneurship, and a Professional Development Training Course geared towards enhancing digital youth work. The feedback and the tangible results from these programs have been overwhelmingly positive, painting a promising picture of the potential our youth holds.

Key Outcomes and Impact:

1. Professional Development Activity for Youth Workers – Digital Youth Work:

  • Knowledge Expansion: Participants deepened their understanding of digital youth work, adding new techniques and methodologies to their repertoire.
  • Enhanced Digital Communication: Youth workers and PR specialists honed their online communication prowess. The ripple effect of this was evident in our partners’ upgraded online campaigns, enriched with innovative digital content creation strategies, sophisticated social network management, and the incorporation of artificial intelligence.
  • Embracing Digital Activism: Recognizing the power of digital activism, participants learned to harness this tool for fostering social change and promoting active civic participation.

2. Youth Exchange for Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurial Enlightenment: The program broadened young participants’ understanding of entrepreneurial culture, emphasizing its transformative potential for their personal and professional trajectories.
  • Expanding Horizons: Particularly for those from rural backgrounds or those experiencing Erasmus+ for the first time, this exchange was an eye-opener. Their exposure to a diverse network and developmental opportunities was truly game-changing.
  • Reinvigorating the NEET Youth: Notably, young individuals from the NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) category discovered newfound motivation and direction. Post-project, many have pursued Erasmus mobilities, internships, volunteer projects, and some are even on the cusp of launching their youth organizations.

In summation, these projects did not just equip participants with skills; they ignited a spark, motivating them to become change-makers in their communities, using their newly acquired skills as the catalyst.

Main outcomes:

  1. Two podcasts:

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3. Educational video:

4. Video for newcommers:

5. Final video:

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