Results from youth exchange Skills 4 Employability

Skills 4 Employability youth exchange gathered youth from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Italy and Spain ,  it was implemented in Bansko, Bulgaria and was financed by Erasmus+ program.

The Skills 4 Employability youth exchange was created as an idea by young people from different countries, united by the post-covid consequences for young people in Europe, related to the growing youth unemployment. Since the outbreak of COVID19 in Europe, we have seen a natural increase in unemployment, especially among young people. The labor market in the Eurozone was severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the related restrictions measures.

The most vulnerable are young people with fewer opportunities, especially those who already belong to the NEET group.

The project aimed to introduce participants and local youth to the above social issues, but also to offer alternatives to combat it mainly through volunteering as a tool to acquire skills and additional qualifications to improve the competitiveness of young people in the labor market.

The young participants had the opportunity to learn about the situation in the different countries, related to youth unemployment, the methods of the European institutions to deal with youth unemployment, strategies and Erasmus+ and more about the ESC as an opportunity to gain experience and acquire competencies. This exchange inspired the youth and gave them confidence that they can tackle the problem, it opened the new horizons of opportunities, many of the young people found internships and volunteer positions, ESC, Italian civil service,; the project generally made them more informed and eager for new information and opportunities.

Another goal of the project was to build tolerance and understanding between young people from different countries and the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, which is again very valuable.A lot of the young people who participated in the project, were facing various obstacles, but the project inspired and empowered them, giving many of them different perspective to acquire skills and competences, bult also making them embrace the value of volunteering – being part of something bigger.

The project was a platform for learning, new contacts, knowledge and opportunities for the participants and allowed them to develop many new skills, knowledge and competences. The young people who were in the NEET group – for 3 of these young people from Italy, for example, it was a way of personal transformation and change, as well as a way of improving their skillset to have a better chance of getting a job late-now they are active volunteers for their sending organization, and 2 of them will soon join the Italian Civil Service Program, and 1 of the participants from Bulgaria is actively looking for his ESC volunteer project. For young people from rural areas, the new information about endless possibilities of the Erasmus+ and ESC programs was most important-opening new doors of opportunities for self-development, growing, skills development;

 The project had an extremely beneficial effect on a huge part of the young people involved – they discovered new sources of information, but also of motivation, new horizons and opportunities, channels to get quality youth information/such as Eurodesk, European youth platform, Erasmus+ snd ESC platforms and many others/.

During and after the youth exchange, the young participants created some visual project outcomes, to share their experience, knowledge and learning journey  during the Skills 4 Employability. You can check their :

Online magazine : 


Project Testimonials from participants:

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