The Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan

Our team is happy to share that group of youth workers from Bulgaria part of Alternativi International attended International Social Entrepreneurship forum in Baku, Azerbaijan from 15 of November 2021 till 20 of November 2021.

The International Social Entrepreneurship Forum is the fifth stage of the project “Start it UP, Keep it UP” is an innovative project focused on promotion of social entrepreneurship. This project touches one of the comparing unknown fields in the youth sector of Azerbaijan  and the new concept for Europe – social entrepreneurship, emphasizing the innovative feature – creation of social start-up incubators.

The focus of the project is not limited to make a difference in social complications in Europe but also encourage young people to become the main actors of the change and provide educational tools along with resources in order to bring it to their community. Besides, it will also create a network of young social entrepreneurs where the progress will continue working to make a good impact on social pressure.

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