KFC – 5-th meeting

It is time to share about the 5-th meeting organised by

organised in Bulgaria by Alternativi International. In the framework of the KA 2 project Knowledge For Career, co-funded by Erasmus + program. 

We are used to say that time flies and no one understands how. This time the participants in the training had the chance to tavel in time. They did not travel backwards. Their trip was in the future. Participants had to think how they see themselves in 10 years, what their dreams and goals are. As you may already got it, this time the topic was dreams and goals. Our career orientation coach Nadezhda Radkova helped the students to understand what are the differences between dreams and goals, how to set them and more important – how to achieve them. Also she introduced what action plan is, how to create one and how to follow it. Additionally, the students had the chance to get inspired by motivational video materials presented during the training.

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