Venimira’s experience in Armenia

The project “Face 2 Faith”, which took place in Yerevan, Armenia in the last week of October, was my 3rd Erasmus+ participation but my first as a form of a training course. I was a bit scared since I did know what to expect and I was wondering if I will successfully manage this topic as I am not so well educated in that field. At the same time I was extremely excited from the whole journey, not only because I was going to visit a new country, but also I wanted to meet new people from different background and see how and what they think on that topic.

The project was well organized since we had a good balance between the indoor activities and the different trips and meetings with local people, though whom we got a deepen knowledge about religion, tolerance and interreligious dialog. One of the places we visited was Khor Virap, where anybody, no matter if they are believers or not, should visit in order to feel the true atmosphere and get to know more about Christianity. Moreover, we went to Etchmiadzin, which is so sacred place that local people say it is the Armenian Vatican. There we met Archbishop Nathan Hovhanissyan, who spoke about tolerance and how people should react if government is messing with their religion.

Apart from the official program, we had enough free time to have a walk in Yerevan and explore the city by ourselves which was also an advantage for people like me who have never been in Armenia before.

To conclude, although I had some initial internal issues if I will be good enough for the project, I am really glad that I challenged myself and participated. I learned a lot about the topic, got to new different and interesting people from several countries and explored a whole new culture.


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