Vili’s experience at Youth exchange in Peru

Erasmus + program has always been for me an incredible way to learn more about European cultures and get to know them better. I had the chance to meet so many different people coming from various backgrounds and to explore their world. I made new friends that nowadays are more as “old” ones. I got the unique chance to enlarge my horizons through the best way – exchanging ideas and making lifelong memories!

I though it couldn’t get any better until I got the opportunity to be part of “Woman get back” project! I got frankly excited when I became part of Bulgarian team participating at the international youth exchange in Peru.

As usual time flies fast when you are impatiently waiting for something to happen! The big day came and there we were at airport ready for 30+ hour travel to South America!

Sincerely, Peru got my heart and I think it was love at first sight, haha. I didn’t think I could feel so welcomed that far away from home. Peruvian people were so hospitable – at shops, restaurants or simply at the street even though not all of them spoke good English or me good Spanish.

I am truly amazed by the beauty of Peru’s nature. We took the chance to explore the country at its fullest. I feel so lucky to have seen the infinite mountainous views no picture can show. The deep green starting just outside the city. Peru has so much to reveal.

Our journey to this beautiful country is tied to an important subject. “WGB” project tackles the “hard” topic of women empowerment. It’s impressive how easy it is to speak about serious matters through the methods of non-formal education. Thanks to them during the workshops we managed to talk about the problem, its causes and its possible “solutions”. As a group we got to know more about its different aspects in each participating country. We debated, we researched, we presented… and in each workshop activity we learnt from each other.

Intercultural evenings gave me the chance to meet Latin American cultures and to discover their unique features. I truly believe that what makes unforgettable the memories are people. It may sound a cliché, yet during the project I made great friendships. I am pretty sure I will meet with some of them in future. It’s really amazing how just after a few hours of communication you can discover so many common topics/ things with someone living on the other “side” of the world.

I confess every Erasmus project is an adventure but this one surpassed all my expectations

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