Experience of Kristina In Training event in Estonia

Hello  dear everyone,

my name is Kristina and I’m coming from Bulgaria from association Alternativi International. In the period between 21st and 27th of January I took part in a training course in Parnu, Estonia.  The main reason I decided to participate in this project was because I was attracted to the name – Entrepreneurship for Youth. I wanted to be more aware of what is entrepreneurship and to get inspiration, ideas and knowledge on how to be a successful entrepreneur as well as to establish the entrepreneurial mind-set in myself and to be able to influence other people to follow this mind-set as this can contribute to the development of my home country – Bulgaria.

When I usually go to a new place or am about to experience something new I tend to have no expectations so that I am not disappointed. However, this time, that couldn’t have been the case because everything was perfectly organized and carried out. From the awesome accommodation and food to the diversity of methods used to facilitate the information of the topic. The most interesting thing for me was learning the difference between business and enterprise as well as the challenge of creating an idea of a social enterprise.

The participants in this training course were all incredibly nice, mostly girls, like myself but thanks to this there was less drama and I think we all got along very well. It was very exciting for me to walk on a frozen river and a frozen sea. Despite the cold weather (up to -20 C°) we managed to enjoy the lovely town Parnu and feel the Estonian atmosphere.

Thank you Alternativi International for giving me the chance to experience all of this!

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