Experience of Vasil in Training event in Estonia

Hello dear everyone,

my name is Vasil Dobrev and I’m coming from Bulgaria from association Alternativi International. As a young person with a little bit of experience in the entrepreneurship sphere, I decided that taking part of this training course will be great idea. My expectation was fully fulfilled as the sessions was really interesting and educational. During the project the participants came from different countries with different experiences in connection with entrepreneurship, which was good for the project environment, since we was able to share different points of view and different situations. I can’t miss to point the place as well. Estonia for me, before the project, was one cold and freezing place, but as I visited it I can say that it is way more. The extraordinary snowy landscape, the frozen river and sea, the amazing traditional spicy food made my experience on this course one of the best I had.

Overall this training course was a great moment of my life, where I not only had a great touch with other cultures, but also learn a lot about the entrepreneurship that I didn’t knew: the differences between entrepreneur and business man; the specifics of the social entrepreneurship; how to develop an idea and how to make a business plan to it.

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