Youth Caravan 2021

During the volunteering ESC project “Diversity fest” many activities were organised this summer, but the most memorable was the Youth Caravan.Youth Caravan is a special information campaign, organised by Alternativi international in different cities round Bulgaria. The main goal is to spread a word about opportunities which Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps provide toy Read more about Youth Caravan 2021[…]

Fourth day of Youth Caravan 2021

It was 29th of July and it was the last day of our information campaign Youth Caravan initiative for sharing love, knowledge, inspiration and positivity.  As you already know, the main idea of Youth Caravan is to spread a word about the opportunities which Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps give to people. We started our Read more about Fourth day of Youth Caravan 2021[…]

Why to be part of Youth exchange?

Group of participants from project ”In4Migration”cofunded by Erasmus + program decided to write an article about the importance of Youth exchange. Being part of a youth exchange means to be part of something bigger than yourself and it makes you feel like you belong somewhere in the world. During a youth exchange you start feeling Read more about Why to be part of Youth exchange?[…]

Follow up of Youth Exchange “Empowering Entrepreneurship for YOU-th”

Earlier in June 2021, Alternativi International team send 5 motivated young people from Bulgaria to represent the organization for Youth exchange that was implemented by partner organziation from Germany in Yerevan, Armenia. We are glad to share information about one wonderful Youth Exchange “Empowering Entrepreneurship for YOU-th” co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of European Union and Read more about Follow up of Youth Exchange “Empowering Entrepreneurship for YOU-th”[…]

Follow up of project ”In4Migration”

The Bulgarian team part of project ”In4Migration”created workshop with local youth about their experience. Fiftheen young people took part in the meeting which was implemented in high school “”Bratya Kanazirevi”‘ in the city of Razlog. First part of the presentation was sharing the experience by the participants as well as showing photos, videos and presentations Read more about Follow up of project ”In4Migration”[…]

Youth exchange “In4Migration”

In the period between 11-19 of June 2021 the team of association Alternativi International implemented a youth exchange called “In4Migration with participation of several other countries: Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Greece. Our team provided different methods for project evaluation, at different levels, and of course included criteria and identifiers. The project did not only Read more about Youth exchange “In4Migration”[…]