YE” Bike Your Way to a Better Tomorrow” – 28 May – 6 June 2024 Granada,Spain

Dates: 28 May- 6 June 2024

Place: Granada, Spain

About the project:

Pollution in European cities, unhealthy lifestyles as well as extensive car usage and traffic jams are just a few of the social problems that the EU institutions and separate member states are trying to address. Surely, these issues could be tackled by empowering cyclists and cycling, which is still not popular enough in some of the countries. The need to tackle these problems has become increasingly urgent as they impact not only the health and well-being of citizens, but also the sustainability of urban environments. The objective of the project is to empower young people and encourage them to adopt cycling as a means of transportation. By promoting cycling as a healthy, cheap, and sustainable option, the project aims to contribute to the reduction of air pollution and traffic congestion in cities, as well as encourage healthier lifestyles. The project also aims to raise awareness about the benefits of cycling and promote its adoption in countries where it is still not a popular mode of transportation. The project will bring together young people from different countries and cultural backgrounds to work together on promoting cycling and addressing the issues related to transportation and lifestyles in European cities. Through its activities the project aims to create a community of young people who are committed to promoting cycling and creating a more sustainable future.


  • Promote cycling as a means of transport both for leisure and work, and the health benefits that come along Increasing the number of young people who regularly use cycling as a means of transportation. ) Raise awareness among the general public about the benefits of cycling as a healthy, cheap, and sustainable.
  • To explore the possibilities of the Erasmus + program as a tool for youth empowerment, mobility and social commitment and to identify the competencies that can be obtained through EU different non-formal education programs and their certification by Youthpass, etc.
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of young people in the fields of cycling promotion and sustainability by establishing a network of young activists and organizations committed to promoting cycling as a means of transportation in European cities.
  • Stimulate the participants to act as global education multipliers by creating and sharing best practices, methodologies and activities about sustainable transports and environmental practices and reinforce the knowledge of youth all over the world.

Participant profile:

6 participants with the following profile:

-Willing to develop and share best practices on promote cycling as a means of transport

-Youth, NGO activists, volunteers and young leaders

-Want to learn more about practice, methodologies and activities about sustainable transports and environmental practices

-Able to Communicate in English, open mind and pro active.

Participating countries:

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria

Accomodation and Transport:

Participants will be hosted in Hostal Rural Albergue Moclín, in rooms of 2/4 people with bathroom included. There is free Wi-Fi, however it might be a bit limited. Bedsheets will be provided. Towels are NOT included. Some of the beds are kingsize, be ready to share it with someone else. Bathroom products are NOT provided. Please bring it with you! In the accomodation is not allowed to drink strong Alchool!

Food: Organizers will provide participants with three meals per day and coffee breaks. Breakfast lunch and dinner will be served in the Accomodation. Participants in small groups are responsible to help with the cleaning and washing


To be reimbursed for your trip. The following are necessary: 1) Tickets and boarding passes. 2) Invoice/ receipt/ booking email. Keep your bus/train tickets as well! Transportation by taxi is not reimbursable. Your travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project by bank transfer to the partner association or one of the participant. If you fail to provide the necessary travel documents, we will be unable to reimburse you.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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