TC”Green Youth Work Hubs”-9-16 January 2023, Kranenburg,Germany

Dates: 9-16 January 2023

Place: Kranenburg, Germany

About the project:

The overall project is called “Green Youth Work Hubs” and is funded by the German National Agency “Jugend für Europa” in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. The participating organisations are East-West_East (Germany), Alternativi International (Bulgaria), Together Association (Finland) and Youth Association DRONI (Georgia)

The overall objective of the project are:

  1. Creating a Network of European Organisations
  2. Capacity Building and Exchange of best-practice in regards to methods of Green Education Forming 4 “Green Youth Work Hubs”
  3. Forming and training 4 teams “Climate Ambassadors”
  4. Raising awareness on local and international level about climate change
  5. Publishing a monthly E-Magazine
  6. Publishing a Strategy Paper on Green Youth Work
  7. Involving external stakeholders and creating synergies

The objectives of the specific course are:

  1. Climate Ambassadors and national coordinators get to know each other and network
  2. Exchanging best-practice in “Green Youth Work”
  3. Training the Climate Ambassadors in public speaking, upcycling, basic journalism and online activism
  4. Establishing the E-Magazine
  5. Planning the local activities for the next months

Participant profile:

Two youth workers from each partner organisation will take part. Additionally five young people (approx. 16-21 years old) from each partner will participate. They will be team members of the Climate Ambassadors of each partner.

Participating countries:

Georgia, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria

Travel :

The Training Course will last 6 days: 10.-15. January 2023 and there are 2 travel days: 09th and 16th January. The programme will feature non-formal working methods: icebreakers and energisers; presentations; group work; discussions; workshops and practical work to test the new skills. The youthworkers/national coordinators will exchange best practice and experience. The Climate Ambassadors will acquire the skills needed to implement the local activities in their home communities.

Accomodation and Venue:

The Training Course will take place in Kranenburg 09th- 16th January 2023. Kranenburg is located in the West of Germany, close to the Dutch border. There are two travel days: Arrival day is 09th January and departure day 16th January. We will be in a lovely house in North-Rhine Westphalia, in the Rhine area. It is called: Youth Center „Wolfsberg“. Address: Wolfsbergstraße 10, D-47559, Kranenburg- Nütterden, Germany. More info: You will share a bedroom with other young people. The area of the Youth Centre is fenced-off and offers different sport and leisure activities. Accommodation and catering is fully covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. There are plenty of options, how you can get to Kranenburg from Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne or Amsterdam airports.

Contribution fee:

There is no contribution fee for the project

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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