TC”Act for Diversity”- 7-13 March 2022- Salukrasti, Latvia

Title: Act for Diversity

Dates: 7-13 March 2022

Place: Salukrasti, Latvia

Main idea of the project:

For the past 3 years, more than 1,000,000 refugees and migrants entered Europe because of the constant conflicts in Eritrea, Syria, the existing violence both in Afghanistan and Iraq and the extreme level of poverty in Kosovo. In 2019, in view of the critical situation where thousands of families have been encountering problems are strongly related with the decline of the political systems in their countries, are still attempting to approach the EU lands, mainly via countries, such as Italy, Albania and Turkey. They seek to achieve a better quality of life. This Erasmus+ training course aims to provide high-quality training to young educators / trainers who are dealing with the issue of refugees’ and migrants’ integration into modern European Union societies, by setting as a prime aim to disseminate this specific approach- system of integration, composed of non-formal methods of education, to other organisations and foundations procuring from the rest of the EU countries. To be more clear, “Act for diversity” is seeking to provide young educators with the appropriate know-how, through a well established and concrete methods on inclusion and integration.

Participant profile: 

– Participants of the project are expected to be youth workers, youth leaders, people active in youth NGOs.

Needs of participants:

– To learn new techniques based on methods of non-formal education, in order to be capable to achieve the integration of migrants and refugees in a group composed by both Europeans and refugees / migrants;

– Desire to network and work with people from different backgrounds and countries.

Selection criteria:

– Willing to disseminate what will have acquired in the training;

– Ability to develop relevant trainings in their organization;

– To be passionate about the project idea.

Partner countries: 

Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Germany


Venue: Minhauzena Unda

Participants will share gender-separate rooms. Participants will be provided with 3-times meals and 2-times coffee breaks per day. A special menu will be prepared for vegetarians, vegans, etc. The venue provides bedsheets, towels and free WIFI. Please be aware that due to high amount of people WIFI signal can be unstable. For personal use please take a 3G/4G backup, if needed

Travel costs, Insurance: 

Travel: The travel will be covered in the amount of maximum 275 euro per participant.

Insurance: Covid 19 rules: Please note that each participant has t oassume it’s own costs for covid tests. Please remember about travel insurance which covers COVI-19 risks, ilness, cancelation for the whole duration of the project valid in Latvia.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :

Deadline: 5 February 2022  

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