TC”QUALITY? Y.E.P”- 9-15 September 2021 – Thessaloniki, Greece

Dates: 9-15 September 2021

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Aims and objectives:

The project idea was born by the need of our members to implement youth exchnages with quality. As newcomers in this field, as young people with loads of will to implement quality projects and because we do understand that for projects to have real impact, they need to be prepared in a skillful manner, ensuring that resources poured in bring the outcomes expected.

Quality?Y.E.P. – Bringing Quality in Youth Exchange Projects, aims at developing the overall capacity of youth organisations to effectively manage youth exchange projects cofunded with the support of Erasmus + grants. We wish to achieve the goal by means of successively implementing the following objectives.

-Equipping participants with better understanding of the EU funds and how to apply these to the youth sector around Europe.

-Creating a toolbox of well-proven as well as new and innovative methods/tools/ideas/strategies, etc.

-Exchanging and drawing learning outcomes from the best practices in the areas of youth exchange projects management as already exercised by the partner organisations, to offer space for sharing of experience and exchange of good practices.

-Ensuring on going support and advice to youth workers wishing to effectively manage their projects workload.

-Providing space for networking and ideas development for the sake of creating future projects between the partner promoters.

-Increasing the level of youth participation, through effective project management and the creation of new partnerships and/or Youth projects.

-To identify the need and the possibilities for networking between organisations as a mean for sustainability, development and synergies


Based on Non Formal Learning principles the working methods will be simulation exercises, multimedia presentations, work in groups, discussions and lectures, experiential learning, cooperative learning, shared responsibility, etc.


Training course will take place in Orfani Kavala, Greece at Tsaf Tsouf Campsite. All participants will be accommodated at the campsitel located at 98th km of Thessaloniki Kavala. Participants will stay in rooms with participants from different countries but same gender. Workshops will take place at the accomodation facilities. Meals will be served at the campsite made by professional catering.

Participant profile: 

  • 2 motivated 18+ young people
  • have some experience with Youth Exchanges as participants, organisers, project managers and have the will to organise Youth Exchnages
  • be able to work and communicate in English
  • be connected or associated with the partner organisation

Participating countries:

Greece, Italy, Romania,, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia

Health insurance

All participants have the responsibility to obtain the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which is for free. In Greece the Emergency services in Hospitals are also for free but let’s hope it doesn’t come to this! .

Travel budget

The travel budget for Bulgarian participant is 180 euro.

Partner organisations are expected to buy or to support participants to buy their tickets (flights & other means of transportation) prior the mobility. If you buy tickets in other local currency, reimbursement in euro will be calculated according to the exchange rates of the Official Tool

Please note that TAXI drives are NOT reimbursed (except for very special cases that need to be justified). All participants are advised to travel to Thessalonikis airport and the we arrange their gathering. Time schedule: The travel of the participants must be from the country of their sending organization and back.

Contribution fee:

A participation fee of 30euro has been set per participant, paid on spot at arrival.

A modest contribution from participants to the project helps to create a sense of investment since participants tend to value what they receive more when they have contributed to it.

Under no circumstances should this be an obstacle for a participant. We kindly ask partners to contact us and discuss in case of difficulties.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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