TC”Intercultural Playback Theatre”- 19-26 September 2021 – Sappada, Italy

Dates: 16-29 September 2021

Place: Sappada, Province of Udine, Italy


Intercultural Playback Theatre is a training course for youth workers, educators, NGO representatives who work with young people who would like to increase their competences to create social change for their youth groups. The youth workers involved will specifically gain knowledge, skills and attitudes towards intercultural learning, active listening, recognition of various sides of one story, and exploration on how expressed emotions and feelings help us to create meaningful conversations around cultures and identity. Throughout the course we will explore how playback theatre can help to facilitate cross-cultural communication of youth in their organisations and communities. With these skills, the participants will be able to learn creative and participative methods to facilitate meaningful cultural exchange in their own organisations


-Understand and apply communication, expression of one’s feelings and active listening skills;

-Gain experience in non-formal education and playback theatre as an inspiration to facilitate a cross-cultural dialogue;

-Develop and implement after the training course (phase 3) an action plan: facilitate crosscultural communication through playback theatre in your organisation’s activities;

-Virtually share and evaluate the activities organised back home (phase 4)

The course is based on non-formal education methodology and will have a form of practical exercises and simulations. The programme will be built on actual knowledge and experiences of the participants. It will also allow for strong intercultural aspects. Detailed programme will be sent in March to the selected participants. It will be adjusted to the needs and expectations of participants. Playback theatre is an improv based theatre format in which members of the audience tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot by a group of actors. Specific formats are used to give back the story to the teller in a respectful way. Playback theatre can be used to express one’s feelings, address social matters and to share one’s own personal situation with a bigger audience. In this TC it will be used to facilitate a cross-cultural dialogue

Participant profile: 

  • Have some experience in non-formal education and experiential learning either as
    trainer, youth educator or youth worker
  • Are ready to learn, explore, discover and develop their skills, competences and know-how
    and will be able to use it later in their communities
  • Come from Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey or United Kingdom
  • Are – preferably – involved in activities organised by one of the partner organisations (see the overview later in this document)
  • Speak English sufficiently to express yourself and participate in the course
  • Are committed to participate in all phases of the project (see below), including attending all days of the training course (TC) in Italy

Participating countries:

Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom


The training course will take place in BELLA ITALIA EFA VILLAGE – DOLOMITE RESORT. You will be accommodated in dormitory rooms, in mixed country groups with persons of same gender, 2 to 3 persons per room. Bed linen is provided. The rooms are comfortable with private bathroom, high speeding Wi Fi, TV. Full board package including continental breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided. Participants will have access to the wellness center with indoor swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. Dolomite Resort is situated in Piani di Luzza, 1.100 meters above sea level. The hotel is just 6 km from Sappada which borders with Veneto, Friuli and Austria. Sappada is a great location for everyone who loves living in the mountains. The hotel is able to accommodate up to 1.000 tourists. It is a mid-range market segment hotel and offer comfort and quality services. The village in Piani di Luzza is ideal place for sport: in summer or autumn is the perfect time to enjoy relaxing walks or more challenging excursions at high altitude.

COVID measures:

In these unpredictable times we still do believe that we can organize a residential project, however there might be surprises waiting for us. At the moment all people arriving to Italy have to do an antigen COVID test 48h before the journey. The new rules will be announced on 1st of August. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot promise that we will be able to cover test costs. Each country also introduces their own rules for arrival and departure, which is difficult to predict, thus being vaccinated for sure will make the process easier, safer and cheaper so we kindly advise you to get vaccination if you have an opportunity.

Travel budget

The travel budget per Bulgarian participant is 275 euro.


The training course is funded by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme. Accommodation and lodging is covered from the programme. There is a participation fee – 30 EUR. The participation fee amount is used for the benefit of the project to provide materials and cover extra expenses incurred during the project.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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