YE”Digital Transformation for Civic Engagement”- 17-26 August 2021 – Tallinn, Estonia

Dates: 17-26 August 2021

Place: Tallinn, Estonia


Youth-led initiatives and volunteering in youth organizations are essential ways in which young people can contribute actively to the ongoing policy discussions about how to “build back better” and influence decisions about health, learning, jobs, mobility, etc. Often, youth organizations are lacking activities their members could work on to get actively involved in their community or society. Youths want to have a say in the community decisions and to interact with the decision-makers, but how to engage them? This is the key question of a successful civic engagement project.

In the Digital Transformation for Civic Engagement Youth Exchange we focus on two domains:

-participatory leadership and about how leaders can engage organization members into the development of organizations strategy and action plan -how to design civic engagement projects so that youth could be more active in the field where their organization is working on

1.Engaging 30 youth from 6 EU countries to increase the knowledge and skills about participatory leadership and how to design civic engagement projects in the post-COVID-19 context

2. Collecting and using at least 6 case studies of civic engagement projects and 6 case studies about governance from youth organizations and using those as the real-life projects that youth are working on during the youth exchange period

3.Releasing at least 6 real-life civic engagement projects until the end of the youth exchange

Participant profile: 

5 participants ( 4 youth + 1 group leader)


-Strong motivation, willingness to learn and share about the topic

-Able to carry-out the preparation tasks, the dissemination actions during and after the youth exchange

-Gender parity

-Able to converse in English language

-Priority to youth with fewer opportunities

-Priority will be given to young people at their first experience


In the Digital Transformation for Civic Engagement program we will form a democratic (fictional) organization, whose name is being voted on, whose statues, governance system and action plan are co-created and whose leaders change on a daily basis. Each night the representatives of this organization will come together to make a retrospective for the day, to hear out all the pros and cons of their work, to follow the timeline and action plan and to vote, who is going to represent the organization on the next day. At the same time, there are 6 to 8 civic engagement project teams in this organization, who tackle the issues that could only be solved together with the best knowledge and wisdom of people from different cultures and experiences. Each team needs to come up with a real-time engagement project to tackle the issues together with their team and also solve the governance issues that their organization is facing. During this process they have mentors, who are supporting the teams with their best knowledge and experiences.

COVID measures:

Before you plan your trip, please read the passenger information from Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Before entering Estonia, you need to fill the traveller´s questionnaire for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19:

You can fill the questionnaire three days before arriving to Estonia as the Border Control and airlines can ask this

If you have already had COVID-19 or you have been vaccinated you should be able to provide the proof to the Border Control (one option is to apply the EU Digital COVID Certificate)

Wearing a mask is voluntary in Estonia and during the Youth Exchange, you are welcome to wear the mask to protect yourself

Travel budget

The travel budget per Bulgarian participant is 220 euro.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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