YE “Trade Olive”- Cyprus

Title: “From TRADition to Employment: olive products”  Dates: 15 November- 26 November 2018 Place: Kannavia, Nicosia, Cyprus Project description: “Trade Olive” is addressing the unemployment issue and traditional agricultural professions related to olive that are not held by young people that much. Professions relating to olive are amongst the infamous professions that today tend to Read more about YE “Trade Olive”- Cyprus[…]


Title: “GET READY TO INCLUDE LGBT+  Dates: 21st – 28 th October 2018 Place: Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain Project description: It is a training course to equip participants (youth workers, educators, facilitators, youth leaders, etc.) to develop competences for better inclusion of all young people, to know better young LGBT people in European cultures, to Read more about TC”GET READY TO INCLUDE LGBT+”-Spain[…]


Title: KNOW ERASMUS+, IT IS MORE  Dates: 08-14 October 2018 Place: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain Project description: Erasmus+ has a lot of benefits for young people but sometimes it’s hard get fully involved during all the stages of a project. One key factor is the way we show Erasmus+ and our projects to young people Read more about Seminar “KNOW ERASMUS+, IT IS MORE”-Spain[…]

TC “E+ Service JAM”- Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: E+ SERVICE JAM  Dates: 12-18 September 2018 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria Project aim: The training activities will be aiming to share best practices, methodologies and to empower the participants to raise the impact of their project and to produce a sustainable effect on young people. Project objectives: To empower youth workers and volunteers to fully Read more about TC “E+ Service JAM”- Bansko, Bulgaria[…]

TC “Hate speech fighters” – Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: Hate speech fighters  Dates: 11-18 September 2018 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria Project description: The Project ‘’Hate Speech Fighters’’ is a training course for youth workers, which will be held in Bansko, Bulgaria from 11 until 18 of September 2018. The project will involve 30 youth workers from 10 countries in Europe and the Caucasus-Bulgaria ,Spain,Italy Read more about TC “Hate speech fighters” – Bansko, Bulgaria[…]

2 months EVS in Turkey

Duration: 2 months(September – October) Number of volunteers from Buglaria: 1 Project description: Call for EVS volunteer from Macedonia, Bulgaria or Italy for 2 months EVS project in Didim, Turkey starting on September 2018 EVS volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities and projects throughout the EVS. These main activities can Read more about 2 months EVS in Turkey[…]

Study visit ”ËVS as One more step toward Inclusion”- Struga, Macedonia

Title: ËVS as One more step toward Inclusion  Dates: 1- 9 September 2018 Place: Struga, Macedonia Project objectives: Objectives of the overall project are: – To increase the knowledge of the participants regarding the Erasmus Plus Programme, with special focus on EVS as tool for inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities; – To guide Read more about Study visit ”ËVS as One more step toward Inclusion”- Struga, Macedonia[…]

Seminar ”What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+”-Hatay, Turkey

Title: What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+  Dates: 10 – 18 September 2018 Place: Hatay, Turkey Project description: The seminar project with 2 stages – “What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+” will be organized in Hatay Province of Republic of Turkey on 10‐18 September 2018 by Hatay International Sustainable Development Association by participation of partners from Turkey,Romania, Italy, Read more about Seminar ”What is Behind?: For Better Erasmus+”-Hatay, Turkey[…]

YE “United we stand against radicalization”- Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: United we stand against radicalization  Dates: 30 August – 08 September 2018 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria Project description: The youth exchange “United we stand against radicalization” is a multilateral youth exchange that involves youth from 5 countries-United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Turkey. .  The methodology to be used is entirely based on non-formal education Read more about YE “United we stand against radicalization”- Bansko, Bulgaria[…]

TC “Volunteers 4 ALL” – Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: Volunteers 4 ALL  Dates: 12– 18th August 2018 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria Aims of the project:  The training course will be aiming to share best practices regarding youth work with migrants and for migrants coming to Europe and analyse the use of social media in each participant’s country. Indeed, youth workers and volunteers are often unpaid Read more about TC “Volunteers 4 ALL” – Bansko, Bulgaria[…]