TC “Volunteers 4 ALL” – Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: Volunteers 4 ALL  Dates: 12– 18th August 2018 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria Aims of the project:  The training course will be aiming to share best practices regarding youth work with migrants and for migrants coming to Europe and analyse the use of social media in each participant’s country. Indeed, youth workers and volunteers are often unpaid Read more about TC “Volunteers 4 ALL” – Bansko, Bulgaria[…]

YE “FEMpower!” – Birmingham, UK

Title: FEMpower!  Dates: 16 – 24th August 2018 Place: Birmingham, UK Aims of the project: Whilst UK feminism is closely associated with the suffrage movement under influential figures such as Emmeline Pankhurst during the late 1800s, it has continued to accelerate into the modern day. Recent campaigns have covered a wide range of issues that Read more about YE “FEMpower!” – Birmingham, UK[…]

TC “Radical Education Online” – Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: Radical Education Online  Dates: 24- 29 June 2018 Place: Basnko, Bulgaria Project objectives: – Raise awareness of the treats that social media tools have for youth at risk of radicalization and how youth workers can use them to traverse the language barrier and to tackle the threat of online extremism. – Know and learn methods Read more about TC “Radical Education Online” – Bansko, Bulgaria[…]

Short term EVS in MURTER

Project name: Dry Stone Wall Evtravaganza Duration: 17/09/2018-17/10/2018 Place: Murter, Croatia Number of volunteers: 4 Venue: For 1 month your home town will be Murter island. You will be working on archaeological site Colentum and in our NGOs Office, both of which are situated in Murter as well as your house and in the walking distance no more than 10 min. Read more about Short term EVS in MURTER[…]

Seminar ” ART4HRE” – Sleen , The Netherlands

Title: ART4HRE  Dates: 08- 13 July  2018 Place: Sleen , The Netherlands Aim: Aim is to train the youth workers as trainers for human rights education who use creative expression, arts, non-formal education and informal learning as a tool to empower youth and embrace them to human rights to transform the society Project objectives: – To equip youth workers Read more about Seminar ” ART4HRE” – Sleen , The Netherlands[…]

TC- “EVS as One more step toward Inclusion”- Split, Croatia

Title: EVS as One more step toward Inclusion  Dates: 25 June – 4 July 2018 Place: Kastel Kambelovac, Split, Croatia Project objectives: – To increase the knowledge of the Erasmus Plus Programme, especially EVS as tool for empowerment of young people, with special focus on inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities; – To learn how to Read more about TC- “EVS as One more step toward Inclusion”- Split, Croatia[…]

YE- “The Guardians of E-Tourism” – Gran Canaria, Spain

Title: The Guardians of E-Tourism  Dates: 27th May to 3rd June  2018 Place: Gran Canaria, Spain Project description:   “The Guardians of E-Tourism” is a project located in the municipality of Santa Lucia, on the island of Gran Canaria, one of the most important touristic island in the world. Our village is situated in a small rural area in Read more about YE- “The Guardians of E-Tourism” – Gran Canaria, Spain[…]

Long term EVS in Poland

 Dates: 01.04.2018 till 31.03.2019 (1 Year) Place: Wrocław, Poland Project : 1. Kindergarten No. 27 “The Dwarfs”, more information: Inviting 2 volunteers for 12 months. Activities start 01.04.2018 finish 31.03.2019 2. Centre of European Co-operation / Private Kindergarten ENTE, more information: Inviting 1 volunteer This is an English-speaking kindergarten, so communicative English Read more about Long term EVS in Poland[…]

YE- “InforMigration” – Bansko, Bulgaria

Title: InforMigration  Dates: 24 April – 02 May 2018 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria Project objectives: – Understanding the processes, reasons and effects of migration processes by young people – Allow participants to gain a better understanding about climate change and its social, economic, political and environmental consequences – Promoting positive attitude and acceptance and understanding towards refugees and migrants Read more about YE- “InforMigration” – Bansko, Bulgaria[…]