YE” COMMUNI KEY” – 23-31 August 2024, Bakuriani, Georgia

Dates: 23-31 August 2024

Place: Bakuriani, Georgia

About the project:

The aim of our project is to improve young persons verbal and nonverbal communication strategies by using practical and theoretical tools to deepen the connection with ourselves and the people around us.

The project aims to create a safe space where the difficulties (and successes!) of the participants can be discussed. The non-formal workshops look at communication patterns, core beliefs and behaviors that interfere with daily life and provide theoretical and practical tools to change them.


We believe that while being all together for many days, people truly open up and this provides an opportunity for the best friendly and deep cultural exchange as well as to:

-Improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills for better self-expression and constructive dialogue Learn about conflict resolution strategies

-Promote active listening and empathy Boost self-confidence and self-awareness

-Facilitate leadership and self-organization

-Enhance teamwork

-Inspire social change, ready to create activities that encourage effective communication practices

Participant profile:

We are looking for participants who are ready to communicate, speak loudly or without words, try new methods, get out of their comfort zone and learn more about themselves! Our participants are ready to support each other in the development of themselves and those around them.

There will be 30 participants with different backgrounds and experiences, of different genders and ages (18-30 years old). For each country we will have a group of 4 youth + 1 youth leader.

We aim to have a divers group of participants for a more productive exchange. Youth with fewer opportunities are also welcome!

Participating countries:

Georgia, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Ukraine, Armenia


Transport from Tbilisi on arrival and departure day will be managed by the hosting organization.


To be reimbursed for your trip. The following are necessary: 1) Tickets and boarding passes. 2) Invoice/ receipt/ booking email. Keep your bus/train tickets as well! Transportation by taxi is not reimbursable. Your travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project by bank transfer to the partner association or one of the participant. If you fail to provide the necessary travel documents, we will be unable to reimburse you.

Reimbursement will be made by bank transfer or possibly in cash in euros, during the mobility. We can only reimburse the costs depending on the following conditions:

REIMBURSEMENT ATTENDANCE Participants have to attend all workshops and activities of the project. All documents demanded must be sent to the organizers before the mobility.

DELIVERING AL NECESSARY DOCUMENTS Participants will create an outcome and promote the results of the project in their community. They will learn how to plan these activities together during the mobility.

Health insurance is own responsibility of participants and it’s highly recommended.

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :


5 July 2024

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