Erasmus Talks: A Gateway to European Opportunities for Razlog’s Youth

Razlog, Bulgaria – In a significant step towards empowering the youth of Razlog, Alternativi International, as part of Time to Move Campaign 2023, hosted the enlightening event, “Erasmus Talks.” The event brought together over 60 young individuals, primarily high school students aged 14-18, to explore the myriad of opportunities offered through European Union programs such as Erasmus+, Erasmus for young entrepneurs, Erasmus internship, ESC and Discover EU Initiative.

Promoting Discover EU Initiative This year’s focus for the campaign was the promotion of the Discover EU initiative, a program that enables young people to explore Europe, fostering a sense of European identity and cultural awareness. Alternativi International utilized this platform to not only inform but also inspire young people about the wealth of opportunities available for their personal and professional development.

Engaging the Young with Real Experiences The event saw participation from youths with prior experience in various EU programs, including Erasmus+, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), and others. These experienced individuals shared their journeys, offering insights and practical advice to their peers. Their stories served as real-life testimonials to the transformative impact these programs can have on young lives.

Diverse Opportunities Showcased Attendees were introduced to a range of opportunities, such as Erasmus Internships, youth exchanges, training courses, Erasmus Mundus, ESC, and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. The comprehensive presentation of these programs provided the attendees with a holistic view of the educational and developmental opportunities available through the EU.

Impact on Local Youth The impact of “Erasmus Talks” was palpable. Students left the event equipped with knowledge about how to engage in these programs, what to expect, and how to make the most of these opportunities. The event significantly raised awareness about the Discover EU initiative among local youths, encouraging them to explore and experience the cultural diversity and educational richness of Europe.

Conclusion “Erasmus Talks,” organized by Alternativi International, has been a beacon of information and inspiration for the youth of Razlog. It exemplifies the power of knowledge-sharing and community engagement in shaping the futures of young individuals. As these students embark on their journeys through the various EU programs, they carry with them the potential to not only develop themselves but also to contribute positively to their communities and beyond.

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