Embarking on an Erasmus adventure: A journey of discovery in Razlog, Belica and Petrich

October 2023, Bulgaria – In an exciting series of events, Alternativi International brought a unique twist to the Time to Move 2023 campaign by organizing Erasmus presentations in Razlog, Belitsa and Petrich. These events were not the typical sit-down lectures; instead, they became an exciting Scavenger Hunt adventure, guiding students through a world of European possibilities.

A scavenger hunt for knowledge Imagine a mission full of challenges and rewards, but instead of searching for hidden treasures, young people in Razlog, Belica and Petrich were on the hunt for knowledge and opportunities. The events used engaging methods such as a world cafe, interactive working groups and lively presentations. This innovative approach has turned the learning process into an interactive and dynamic experience.

Exploring the world of possibilities

In each location, students immersed themselves in the myriad opportunities available to young people in Europe. They learned about youth exchanges, training courses, internships and volunteering opportunities, all designed to improve their skills and broaden their horizons. The events were more than informative; they were an interactive platform for inspiration and exploration.

Discover EU spotlight Special emphasis was placed on the Discover EU initiative, an exciting opportunity especially available to young people over 18 years of age. This program allows young people to travel across Europe by train for up to 30 days, promoting intercultural awareness and a sense of European identity. Underlining this initiative, Alternatvi International emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and personal growth through travel.

Fun learning with tests and gifts After the presentation, things took a fun turn with a quiz about EU capabilities. This easy quiz not only served as a summary of what was learned, but also kept engagement levels high. On top of that, the students received various promotional materials such as pens, notebooks, bags, hats, luggage tags and travel notebooks. These gifts were not just memories; they were symbols of encouragement, inspiring students to embark on their own Erasmus journeys.

Through these innovative Erasmus presentations, Alternativi International has successfully turned learning into an adventure. By combining fun with learning, they managed to ignite the spark of curiosity and passion for travel in the hearts of young people in Razlog, Belica and Petrich. As these students look forward to their future travels and experiences, they carry with them the knowledge and inspiration gained from these unique and memorable events. The events were part of Time to Move Campaign 2023.

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