YE” EUROARTS” – 13 -21 October 2023, Argos, Cyprus

Dates: 13 -21 October 2023

Place:Argos, Cyprus

About the project:

Nowadays, many talented young people are undervalued. They don’t get decent salary. That’s the reason why they do not know what they should do during their lives, which path to choose and how toevaluate their work in a proper way.Although our organization work with talented young people, they ask for support to have information about realisation their talents. We started researching what is the roots of the problem. We made a questionarity among unemployed young people with whom we work with focus on those who would like to express themselves through art or who already work in this field.
We discovered following problems and challenges:
•lack of understanding of the art labour market;
•lack of the criteria of the art market;
•lack of knowledge how to realize potential;
•lack of knowledge about different programs, which can help youth to promote themselves;
•limited access to resources such as informational, material, communicational;
•lack of support and encouragement.
After analysing the problems we used problem and solution tree and formulated aim and objectives. The main aim of the project is to increase the amount of young people who are self- employed or work in art industry and who want to get decent payment for their work. Creative and talented people can change the world in better way but in the beginning they need
support which we can provide.

Increase amount of young people who are self employed or work in art industry and get decent payment for it. Aim of this project is to bring together young people who are interested in art and culture of their countries. We will try to combine different arts, cultures and civilizations through presentations of each country’s culture, history, arts and workshopscommunication, teamwork, creative thinking and innovation for idea generation and problem solving.


1.To increase knowledge and awareness about situation of art professions among participant countries.
2.To improve level of key competencies of young artists.
3.To increase self-esteem of young artists.
4.To raise knowledge and awareness about opportunities for young artists.
5.To create materials (videos, brochure, etc) to support young artists develop their talents.
6.To promote Erasmus+ and non-formal education.
7.To create safe environment for young artists where they can develop themselves

Participant profile:

6 particiapnts

Participants should be responsible youngsters, aged between 16 – 30 years. They should have an interest in the topic and be willing to learn and be motivated to share experiences with others. They should also be able to work in English since the working language of this Project will be English. Gender balance and group diversity in terms of different social and cultural backgrounds should be taken into consideration.

Participating countries:

Bulgaria, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania and Spain.

Accomodation and food:

Participants will be lodged in Vlachos hotel in the centre of Agros, a beautiful village in the heart of Cyprus ( The hotel is very close of 2 supermarkets and offers free Wi-fi, Toilet and Shower in room (also sheets, towels), 2-3 beds in every room, Balcony in each room So the only things you can bring is for your personal cleaning. And maybe some adaptors in order to charge your mobile phone or PC. Participants will be lodged in youth hostel in Agros, a beautiful village in the heart of Cyprus ( The hostel offers double and triple rooms, bathrooms and balconies offering views to Troodos Mountain.


Travel costs from home to the venue of the project and return. Please note: only cheapest means of transport/fares are subject to reimbursement. All amounts are expressed in Euros. The above amount is 30 euro less than the official travel costs of ERASMUS+. The reason we deducted this 30 EUR is because in the travel cost we should calculate the transfer from the airport to the venue, which costs approximately 15 EUR each way. It is a private coach hire, and depends also on the arrival/departure time, waiting time in case of a delay etc.

Maximum travel reimbursement is 245 euro per participant.

ALL participants must travel from their home country to Cyprus. We can not host people who come from a different country and not from their home country. Of course you can flight from a different country but your trip must start from your country. As an example a person from Romania can go to Greece by bus or train and take a flight from Greece to Cyprus. But we need also the bus or train tickets which confirm that he start he’s journey from he’s country.

Contribution fee:

Unit costs of your travel expenses (see table below) will be covered by the organizers with the support of ERASMUS+ programme. In order to receive this money for transportation, please keep ALL original invoices, tickets, boarding-passes or any other transport document. The money will be reimbursed after submitting all the original documents via bank transfer, upon completion of the Mobility Tool+ by group leaders. There is a participation fee of 20 EUR to cover for extra costs and 2 day trips to other cities of Cyprus and other organizational costs

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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