Turkish dissemination for YE “My Way to be Successful”

On May 29th, we held a comprehensive dissemination activity centered around the “My Way to Be Successful” project. Our aim was to offer a holistic understanding of the project’s objectives, outcomes, and significance. Utilizing a meticulously crafted digital guide, a captivating final video, and a suite of materials curated at the program’s culmination, we endeavored to paint a vivid picture of the project’s journey and achievements.

I was honored to showcase these resources to my peers at Ankara University’s medical faculty, giving them an in-depth look into the transformative experiences and insights the project offered. Augmenting this presentation, two esteemed team members graciously joined us via Zoom. Their firsthand accounts and narratives added depth and a personal touch, enabling listeners to grasp the true essence and impact of the project.

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