Italian dissemination for YE “My Way to be Successful”

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, we presented information to students at a school in Torino, Italy. These students were primarily aged between 16 and 18. Our main objective was to convey crucial details about ERASMUS+ and discuss the “My Way To Be Successful” project.

Our presentation incorporated both slides and group activities. The aim was to provide the students with specific and concise information about ERASMUS+, equipping them with the knowledge to explore and seize the opportunities the program offers. We also discussed a project by Alternativi International, “My Way To Be Successful”, which took place in Bansko, Bulgaria from May 1 to May 10.

We delved into the primary goals of this project, our day-to-day itinerary, and the highlights of the intercultural night. To encourage the students to consider participating in such projects, we showcased videos and photos from our enriching 10-day experience in Bansko. To ensure engagement and comprehension, we incorporated a question-and-answer session, offering a more interactive and less monotonous approach. This also allowed us to gauge the students’ attention and retention levels.

We were able to organize this presentation with the assistance of one of the school’s professors, who generously allocated time from his class for our session. Additionally, we encouraged the students to share what they’d learned with their peers, amplifying the reach of this valuable information and encouraging more young individuals to consider these enriching opportunities.

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