YE”‘GREEN REVOLUTION'” -16-24 July 2023, Rustavi, Georgia

Dates:16-24 July 2023

Place: Rustavi, Georgia

About the project:

The attitude towards the environment is important for all generations and concerns the whole society. But we think we have the chance to make a change because we are the next generation. This is what we identified as our main need: informing as many people as possible about everyday practices to save the environment or at least to have the least impact as possible. It is our turn and our responsibility to make a difference. But first of all, we need to learn how to do so. The best is not to work alone but to partner up with other young people across Europe, to learn together and to exchange our knowledge on what we can do as the next generation. We want to work on this topic with workshops, excursions and photography and learn how to get active in our own society. Photography will be the key element because we believe that photos are a powerful tool to transport a message.


-Raising awareness about environmental challenges and the impact on our lives;

– Learning about the ecological situation in different European countries and approaches by government and society;

-Acquiring Upcycling and Photography-Skills;

-Organising a public “Photo Exhibition”;

-Inspiration for Civil Activism;

-Promoting Erasmus+

Participant profile:

5 particiapnts

-16- 25 years old;

-able to communicate in English;

-high interest in the topic;

-open-mindedness towards other young people, cultures, working methods, habits, background, etc.

Participating countries:

Germany, Bulgaria, Finland,Ukraine, Armenia,Georgia

Accomodation and food:

The project will be held at the International Scout Center in Rustavi, Georgia. It is about 25 km away from Tbilisi. We will organize your transportation from Tbilisi to the project venue and back. You will be accommodated in rooms with 3 – 4 beds, which you will be sharing with participants of the same gender, however, mixed with participants from other nationalities who are also participating in the training. All meals will be provided.

Address of the Venue: International Scouts Center Rustavi, #9 Balanchivadze str. Rustavi, Georgia

Travel, Insurance and Finances:

All costs related to the training, food, accommodation, and other practicalities will be covered by the organizers. The travel costs will be reimbursed up to the determined limit. Any amounts beyond these limits should be afforded by the participants themselves.

Buying tickets is the own responsibility of each participant (with the support of sending organizations). To be reimbursed, the participant has to provide all evidence of travel documents such as original train tickets, original boarding passes, original invoices, etc. as well as the evidence of payment ( transcript of payment). Before purchasing the tickets you will need to send us potential routes and costs and wait for our confirmation.

If you want to arrive earlier in Georgia, or leave later from Georgia, and still receive your reimbursement, you have two extra days for travel. It’s possible to arrive max. two days in advance OR leave max. two days after the training finishes. Please be informed, that participants will have to take care of their own costs and expenses on these extra days.

The maximum reimbursement for participant from Bulgaria is 275 EURO.

Contribution fee:

There is no contribution fee for the project

If you are interested in and would like to take part in  please fill the from here :



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