Youth Lab on Refugee integration

Alternativi International taking part in Youth Lab on Refugee integration, organized by UNHCR office in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants.

Between 25 and 27 of March Alternativi International coordinators and youth members took part in the event Youth Lab on refugee integration in Bulgaria, organized by UNHCR Bulgaria and Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants. The event aimed to gather young people and youth leaders to discuss challenges of refugees in Bulgaria and how young people can contribute to encouraging integration.

Alternativi members who took part in the event were young people, part of the long term Key Action 2 project Inclusion Labs, focusing on providing youth with migrant background and origin with skills, knowledge and competences. Young people with fewer opportunities and especially young refugees or youngsters with a migration background are particularly exposed. This can go alongside with discrimination and marginalisation and leads to social exclusion and in the worst case to radicalisation. As part of the project, each partner is establishing so called Inclusion labs on local level to help young people, specially those with migrant origin combat youth unemployment, get skills and competences and empower them trough non formal education.

Moreover, during the event the youngsters had the chance to meet with other young people, youth leaders, young refugees from Ukraine, young people wiht migrant background who are also active volunteers in migrant centers and discuss the current challanges in Bulgaria and work on common ideas and projects to foster tolerance, understanding and solidarity with refugees and migrants and provide opportunities for effective inclusion.

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